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This is the UFC Vegas 17 live blog for Jose Aldo vs. Marlon Vera, the bantamweight co-headliner for Saturday’s fight card at UFC APEX in Las Vegas

Aldo makes his third appearance at 135 pounds after a featherweight slide, the division he long ruled. The ex-champ has lost his last three fights, most recently due to a break in the battle for the free belt against current champion Petr Yan

Vera returns after stopping the hype train from Sean O’Malley on a formidable show at UFC 252 in August

Round 1: Vera leads the dance with a few front kicks on Aldo paws with his push and moves his head, while Vera kicks deeper. Aldo tries to go over the top with his right hand and he is just a little small. Vera sets low Knees nearby and the action slows down Aldo hits the ear and hits the body Vera continues to work on the knees and controls with his head Aldo turns around and tries to push off the fence Aldo finally turns around and pushes away Even more kicks from Vera and Aldo tears the body He supports Vera and another big body shot lands Vera is reset and returns to the kicks Aldo catches with his hands and goes straight to the body again Patented kicks from ex-champion Vera kneels forward on the knee and Aldo misses the body Another charge, and this time Vera can’t hold Aldo against the cage Another body shot by Aldo The headbutt was hit by Aldo with a two-piece, and Vera’s setbacks are short

Round 2: Vera closes and starts his kick attack Another body shot combo from Aldo This is the goal with the greatest success for ex-champion, while Vera continues to sniff the legs. Nice counter hook from Aldo in the pocket, and Vera’s pressure pulls another nice counter. Vera is close enough for Aldo to hit Vera with his punches before he gets a reaction. Vera goes back to his legs and closes himself. Vera pushes him away and Aldo walks just like Vera with a nice kick. Aldo lands up a large uppercut that is blocked.Another pair of body shots from Aldo and another Vera’s fist catches Aldo off guard and he drives to the fence, knees nearby, and Aldo extends a knee to prevent the transition. The trip outside fails for Vera and Aldo shoots her knees straight back to the knees and Vera lands a nice left hook. The pace accelerates, but Vera pushes herself back for the takedown Ar bite with knees and short punches near Vera Aldo stays on and tries to stand out, but Vera reiterates control and goes back on her knees The short elbow for Vera in the clinch ends the frame

Lap 3: Vera attacks again and Aldo kicks back and hooks a leg on the transition. Body lock takedown is not there and Vera tries the Kimura reverse gear. Aldo hops on his back, but he is up and being bucked She pauses while Vera shakes and waits for gravity to take effect.The leg-out fails for Vera and Aldo is still on her back Vera accepts back control and Aldo locks the body triangle choke setup and Vera fights the hands that worst scenario for Vera if he cannot break this position Cage walks one leg away from Vera and Aldo tries to prevent the movement. Vera turns around and is almost forced to change position, but Aldo adapts and maintains that Control Vera hits backwards and the action slows down. Vera walks in the other direction with one leg and this time his weight is on the triangular foot and Aldo has to take his back. Vera stands up d Aldo lies on his back Vera tries to pin him in the fence and then uses the cage to rake Aldo’s toes across the cage. Gravity doesn’t help Vera as much as it should, and he throws himself onto the canvas Can still not escape and Aldo has his neck almost wrapped in position not there, so he has to hit backwards while Aldo tries to crank Vera sits down again and uses her arm to escape No dice, and a round ends with the two almost each other face and hit rabbits

Jose Aldo

World News – CA – UFC Vegas 17 Live Blog: Jose Aldo vs. Marlon Vera

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