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T2 Biosystems (NASDAQ: TTOO) hopes to make a difference in battling the novel coronavirus pandemic, and its success encourages investors today, a new company update has TTOO stock by more than 50 in pre-market trading % increased What kind of update was that? And what else do you need to know now?

Initially, T2 Biosystems is an in vitro diagnostic specialist.Some of its solutions include testing unpurified samples of whole blood, saliva, cerebral spinal fluid and more for abnormalities. More recently, the Massachusetts-based company has turned to its testing platform for Covid- 19 concentrated

Essentially, T2 Biosystems has a T2Dx instrument that is fully supported by US Food and Drug Administration This tool can run seven tests at a time and up to 60 tests per day.Important is that the company uses this platform for its T2SARS-CoV-2 panel.This panel uses an upper respiratory swab and can have Covid-19 – Provides test results in less than two hours Studies have also shown that it is 95% clinically sensitive and 100% specific

Yesterday T2 Biosystems published a positive update on its test panel Including its latest studies, its swab can actually detect the Brazilian strain of Covid-19. Reports from the U.S. Acknowledge That This Strain Is Present And as the nation works to keep up to date with the virus strains and protect the population, accurate diagnostic results are important

At the moment, TTOO stock seems to mean some reassurance regarding Covid-19

What Else Should You Know About T2 Biosystems and TTOO Stocks? Two other things stand out about the panel and the T2Dx instrument. The first is that the company has already shown from previous tests that its panel works with the UK and South Africa variants, which is a good sign for the company as the Health authorities are focusing on these new strains

In addition, the T2Dx instrument should provide T2 Biosystems with growth beyond the pandemic.The test platform also works with the T2Bacteria and T2Candida panels.These are the only panels approved by the FDA for the diagnosis of sepsis-causing bacteria and fungal pathogens are allowed

Right now the TTOO stock news is looking exciting, however, there is reason to beware, T2 Biosystems stock trades for less than $ 5 and can be volatile with news, which means you should do your own research while doing this Keeping companies and their test products on your radar

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