Donald Trump pumped his fist and waved when he left the White House at the Navy for the last time as President on Wednesday, leaving a legacy of chaos and turmoil and a bitterly divided nation

Four years after standing on the stage at his own inauguration painting a terrifying picture of “American slaughter,” Trump walked out of the office twice accused, millions more unemployed and 400000 coronavirus deaths Republicans under his watch lost the presidency and both houses of congress He will be forever remembered for the final major act of his presidency: inciting a riot in the Capitol that left five dead, including a Capitol policeman, died and the nation was horrified

READ MORE: Live Updates As Joe Biden Is Sworn In As US President “It was a great honor, the honor of your life The greatest people in the world, the greatest home in the world,” Trump told reporters before heading to Marine One on South Lawn with the rotors buzzing

“We love the American people and it’s been very special again. And I just want to say goodbye, but hopefully it’s not a long-term goodbye. See you again”

Trump will be the first president in modern history to boycott his successor’s inauguration while continuing to stew over his loss and the election, which President-elect Joe Biden won fairly, has privately stolen from him in several Republican officials Critical states, members of its own administration, and a host of judges, including those appointed by Trump, have rejected these arguments

Even so, Trump has refused to partake in any of the symbolic torch-crossing traditions surrounding the peaceful change of power, including inviting the Bidens to an introductory visit

Marine One was en route to Joint Base Andrews, where Air Force One was parked, a dramatic backdrop against the rising sun.A red carpet was laid on the tarmac for Trump to walk when boarding the Four U.S. Army cannons were waiting to fire a 21-cannon salute to the president

Hundreds of supporters greeted Trump at Andrews’ by the time Biden is sworn in, Trump will have already landed at his private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida to face an uncertain future / p>

Aides had urged Trump to spend his final days in office trying to save his legacy by highlighting his administration’s accomplishments – passing tax cuts, cutting federal regulations, normalizing Middle Eastern relations, but Trump largely declined, took one only trip to the Texas border and posted a video promising his followers that “the movement we started is just beginning in his final hours, Trump apologized for more than 140 people including his former strategist, rap performer, ex -Congressional members and other allies of himself and his family

Trump will retreat to Florida with a small group of former White House advisors to plan a political future that looks very different now than it was two weeks ago

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America is preparing like no other for Inauguration Day when Biden made the call to unity

Before the Capitol uprising, Trump was supposed to remain the de facto leader of his party and wield enormous power as he served as kingmaker and contemplated a presidential election in 2024, but now he seems more powerless than ever – shunned by so many in his Party, charged twice, denied the Twitter megaphone he intended to use as a weapon and even faced the prospect that if convicted in his Senate trial he could be barred from seeking a second term

For now, Trump remains angry and embarrassed, full of anger and complaint.He spent the post-election week delving deeper and deeper into a world of conspiracy and those who spoke to him say he continues to believe he has Won in November He continues to beat Republicans for perceived unfaithfulness and has threatened publicly and privately to spend the coming years supporting the primary challenges against those he finds betrayed

Some expect him to turn completely against the Republican Party at some point, perhaps by flirting with a third-party run in revenge

Despite all the chaos and drama and the bending of the world to his will, Trump ended his term at the beginning: largely alone The Republican Party, which he co-opted, finally seemed to have had enough after Trump’s supporters forcibly stormed the Capitol and after Legislators sought who refused to follow Trump’s unconstitutional efforts to overturn the results of a democratic election

The White House cleaning teams worked overnight Wednesday and were still leaving as the sun came up to clean the building and prepare it for the new occupants in arriving press secretary Jen Psaki’s office, a computer keyboard and mouse were on hers Desk wrapped in plastic A black truck had pulled up to the door of the west wing entrance, where the presence of a lone naval guard usually signals that the President is in the Oval Office. Most of the walls were stripped down to the hooks that once were Photos were found, and there was no clutter and trinkets in the offices to give them life. The face of at least one junior adjutant was full of tears the last time she left the building

Despite leaving the White House, Trump maintains a grip on the Republican base with the support of millions of loyal voters and allies who still run the Republican National Committee and many state party organizations

The city he is leaving won’t miss him Trump rarely left the White House boundaries other than to visit his own hotel. He and his wife have never dined at any other local restaurant I never dared shop in his stores or see the sights. When he left it was almost always one of his properties: his golf course in Virginia, his golf course in New Jersey, his private club, and the nearby golf course in Palm Beach, Florida

The city backed Biden with 93 percent of the vote overwhelmingly Trump received just 54 percent of the vote – or less than 18600 ballots – not enough to fill the Washington Capitals hockey arena

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