Trump spent his last Friday in the White House overthrowing the government by pleading martial law with Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow

Lindell showed reporters his notes on his coup attempt before going to the White House:

Michael Lindell, CEO of @MyPillowUSA, shows off his notes before leaving on Friday the 15th ImageTwittercom / AY6AyJNSyE

goes to the west wing of the White House in Washington, DC, on Jan.

It seems that the grand scheme, which was so epic it required a meeting in the Oval Office, was to take advantage of the assault on the Capitol that Trump launched to declare martial law:

It looks like the “My Pillow” guy asked the President to apply the “Insurrection Act now as a result of the attack” and then “Martial Law if necessary” https://tco / lttekVSJBu

As you can see, Lindell showed up with a full plan of who to fire and replace so Trump could declare martial law

A declaration of martial law is the only thing Trump could do to get Mitch McConnell to get the Senate back into session early and remove Trump from office

Even by Trump’s standards, it’s amazing that he would consider using the attack that charged him the second time as a tool to stay in power

Everyone who buys My Pillow products supports the overthrow of democracy in the US The internal enemies of democracy are showing their faces, and it is time for the nation to get rid of them all

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World News – CA – Trump and The My Pillow Guy plan to use the Capitol attack to declare martial law