Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: Elon Musk doesn’t appear to be dead

But today trolls on Twitter started flooding the social media network with made-up screenshots under the hashtag #RIPElon

Some screenshots showed fake headlines, including “Elon Musk is reportedly dead at 49 after a Tesla battery malfunction” or “Elon Musk is dead – what this means for the stock market and why this is good for the average American””

The news comes a day after it was revealed that billionaire Ron Baron sold $ 1 million in Tesla shares, causing the company’s stock prices to decline
Valuation fell over $ 100 billion in just a few days this week, but analysts aren’t particularly concerned and still expect the automaker to be worth $ 1 trillion by the end of the year, reports Electrek

Likewise, Reddit’s Tesla community was not influenced by the trolls “Elon Musk is NOT dead!” One user wrote in a post, “Don’t fall for these bogus stories, post fake links that lead to nowhere and post screenshots of these fake articles”

One particularly accomplished troll decided to draft a full statement that Tesla allegedly sent out to investors

“We are conducting an internal investigation to find out who spoke to the media on this matter,” the fake statement reads. “We absolutely need a replacement for Mr. Musk before publicly announcing his death ”

The statement was “signed” by the Tesla PR team. Ironically, Tesla closed its entire PR department last year

So is this the job of Tesla short sellers? Unlikely, but not impossible, Tesla’s stock price crash this week likely saw some of those who have bet against the company making a nice little profit – but unsubstantiated rumors on the internet of Musk’s death are nowhere near as compelling / p>

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Elon Musk dead

World News – CA – Trolls spread a rumor that Elon Musk is dead

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