When Lara Jean and Peter quit high school at the end of To All The Boys: Always and Forever, is To All The Boys 4 possible as a college sequel?

Now that To All The Boys: Always and Forever has officially released, what are the chances that To All The Boys 4 will occur? Netflix’s smash rom-com franchise now has three episodes that chronicle Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship The latest sequel focuses on the transition from high school to college in The Ending leaves the audience wondering what lies ahead after deciding to forge a long-distance relationship and setting up a sequel for that next stage in their lives

Based on Jenny Han’s young adult romance novels of the same name, this was followed by the 2018 original film, To All The Boys I Loved Before, Lara Jean Covey, who dealt with the disastrous consequences of all of her secret love letters from At The End Of The Films, she officially met her crush Peter Kavinsky. Two years later, Netflix released the highly anticipated sequel to To All The Boys: PS. I Still Love You It introduced another recipient of her secret letters, John Ambrose McClaren – which made matters even more complicated for the main couple, Lara and Peter, as they dealt with the realities of a relationship

The third episode of To All The Boys: Always and Forever continued to test the bond of the core couple as the two begin planning their future – something that could be reflected in the potential of To All The Boys 4 becomes the story rolled into one fourth original Netflix film continued?

There are currently no plans for To All The Boys 4 Originally only To All The Boys was on the program, but after it became a hit on Netflix, the streaming giant immediately ordered the sequels as the film series is based on Han’s book trilogy, the story of Lara Jean and Peter is only written until To All The Boys: Always and Forever, but this does not mean that a fourth film will never take place, especially if there is enough interest in it, it is possible that Han will write another part of the book series, that Netflix could take over Otherwise, Netflix can simply fuel Lara Jean and Peter’s romance by developing an original story

With To All The Boys 4 not in the works (for now), there is no release date for it.If Netflix decides to release another movie in the franchise, it may be announced in the next few months However, there is a chance that a sequel might stop being released in at least a couple of years.In addition to the coronavirus pandemic that is slowing Hollywood productions, Netflix also has a stacked plan that they would need to go through first to make the potential project effective to postpone far

To All The Boys 4 would definitely bring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo back as Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky, it’s also safe to assume that the Coveys will somehow show up as Lara Jean is very close to them, and it could also be Emilija Baranac as Gen since she will also be at NYU with Lara Jean, but the rest depends on which narrative path the film will take To All The Boys 4 can introduce new supporting characters to establish the college lives of Lara Jean and Peter

Since Han’s book series ends with To All The Boys: Always and Forever, the filmmakers would have to come up with an entirely new story for To All The Boys 4 – if Han doesn’t write a fourth novel. But when you consider where the triad ended, a possible sequel will delve into how Lara Jean and Peter actually deal with being apart. Maybe both of them will have to come home for the holidays to spend time together until they have to separate again

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