The color personality test is one of the latest trends making the rounds at TikTok, here’s how it works and how to find your personality color

One of the newest trends at TikTok is the Color Personality Test Unlike other trends that have gone viral on the platform lately, understanding how to do it and figuring out a person’s personality color is less obvious good news is that finding your own shade isn’t that hard once you know where to look

TikTok is a popular and viral platform when the two are combined, the service can really make videos and trends take off. Trends often include actions that can easily be repeated by others However, in some cases the user will need to access another app or website first before making their own post on the trending topic

This is also the case with TikTok’s color personality test.Many TikTok users recently uploaded videos confirming the color of their personality and the trend has been linked to various hashtags including #personalcoloranalysis, #colorpersonality, #personalitycolors, and of course #personalitycolortest Less clear however, is how someone finds out what color their personality is

For those who want to identify their personality color, this is pretty easy Building a Personality Profile Types or questions include, for example, whether someone would like to talk to their friends first, or whether they would prefer to let them start the conversation, or whether someone would prefer to meet up with their friends on the weekend or stay at home Once all of the questions have been answered, the test assigns the user a personality color based on all of the answers

Once the color has been identified, the user can upload their own video with the results. A popular option for the video is to use a green screen effect with the “Start Test” image in the background behind the creator before the image is large Reveal is switched to color test results page all the time set to this original Brooke tone for those who just want to find out what personality color they have, of course, there is no obligation to upload a video to TikTok after the test

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Color Personality Test

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