Zach Hyman # 11 of the Toronto Maple Leafs ice skates the puck while Matt Murray # 30 of the Ottawa Senators defends his net (Photo by Matt Zambonin / Freestyle Photography / Getty Images)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have often faced teams that play a similar style to the Ottawa Senators, the end result is usually the same, and the blood boils almost every time

It’s no secret that the Leafs are a very talented team with superstar players and the Senators are starting to see the foundation of their core, but in this case it was Ottawa’s ability to capitalize on Toronto’s sloppy game at crucial times, which led to a 5-3 win

One could easily say that the Leafs’ efforts were particularly poor in the defensive zone, as turnover and lack of physicality played directly into the hands of their opponent. It was also clear that the players who have a reputation for being hard workers were in this one Game were successful

Zach Hyman played with a purpose for his game and part of it probably had something to do with the birth of his first child.He got things going and was adamant in the lead up too

Given how badly the first power play unit struggled, switching Hyman and Wayne Simmonds wouldn’t be a bad idea as it could spark off One thing that doesn’t need to be changed is that John Tavares is setting the example with his game on the ice as he’s not the most vocal and emotional leader at times He lets his efforts do the talking

Now for the glaring problems of this game, starting with the defense. The Leafs showed no urgency ahead of Frederik Andersen. Many will attribute this loss to the Leafs goalkeeper, who certainly struggled and needed to get better, but the players before him got him done a disservice

Defensively, the Leafs lost puck battles in front of the net, unable to leave the zone, leaving Ottawa too many second and third chances for Morgan Rielly and TJ Brodie was debunked in this case, which isn’t encouraging considering they are expected to lead this team as the top couple

Don’t expect Sheldon Keefe to make changes to the team’s defensive pairings in the second half of a tackle unless someone else moves in on the line-up, one has to wonder how long Keefe will keep putting out a line-up on he was proud

Is he moving Hyman back with Matthews and Marner? What would that mean for Joe Thornton? When you see players like Alexander Barabanov and Jason Spezza looking lost and listless on the ice, wonder if it is worth using one of the younger players to create a spark

Then there is Andersen, who admitted that he had to play better and that the Leafs coach didn’t save him from criticism either

“Of course too many pucks went into the net, but since we’ve talked about it a few times, that’s not all for him. We have to do a better job before him,” said Keefe after the game. “We have to deal with many Areas of Improvement I think Fred would probably agree that goalkeeper is one of them. But there are many other things going on out there that we need to get better at ”

It’s easy to forget that the Leafs looked pretty good in the first half of this game, then they seemed comfortable playing outside as Ottawa set their position and used their economies of scale to keep the Leafs from dangerous Preserving scoring chances

When the Leafs face a team that many predicted would finish last in the division, the only way they can get caught playing is with a more spirited effort.If they’re not ready to fight for better scoring opportunities, should expect a similar result every night

What do you think of this game? Should there be concerns this early in the season? Let us know in the comments below

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