After seven months of fear, anxiety, mistrust, and a feeling of exhausted hope, how about a movie that takes it all and turns 11? In Songbird’s first trailer, director Adam Mason imagines the United States in 2022, a nation decimated by four years of pandemic and the emergence of the deadliest COVID-23 virus, ruled by a government forcing all infected citizens in quarantine camps called Q zones in an act of martial law

Aside from stripping the nation’s already depleted psyche bare for cinematic fodder, aside from throwing nightmarish fuel on the fire of conspiracy theorists’ already fiery anti-mask feelings, the film also stars KJ Apa as Nico, immune to COVID bike messenger on a mission to find her love, Sara, played by Sofia Carson, who is physically locked out Demi Moore, Craig Robinson, Bradley Whitford and Alexandra Daddario complete the cast

While the YouTube description of the trailer denounces “the forces of oppression”, played by the “corrupt head of the” sanitation “department of the city of Peter Stormare” responsible for forcibly removing the citizens of at home, don’t worry: Songbird himself was shot dead in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 pandemic, giving us hope that no matter how bad the pandemic is, at least some people will still be able to benefit of our collective despair

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World News – CA – Songbird trailer is here to defy your worst fears about COVID