WASHINGTON – Sen Amy Klobuchar called the inauguration of the President on Wednesday “the culmination of 244 years of democracy” as she opened the ceremonies surrounding the swearing in of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

“Have we become too exhausted and too used to the ritual of handing the torch to democracy to really appreciate what a blessing and privilege it is to witness this moment?” Klobuchar said minutes before U’s coatS. The lead went to Biden and Harris via

As the senior Democrat on the Senate committee tasked with planning the opening ceremonies, Klobuchar was at the center of attention throughout the program, introducing the two Supreme Court justices, Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Chief Justice John Roberts, each in Harris and Biden swore

“What you will be there, America, is a historic moment. A first,” said Klobuchar when introducing Sotomayor, noting that Harris is the first woman and person to have African American and Asian American roots who takes on the second highest political office in the country

Klobuchar also made the most of Biden’s performance before his own inaugural address: “It is a great privilege and honor for me to be the first to win the 46th birthday President of the United States, Joseph Rto officially introduce Biden, Jr”

The day dawned in Washington with a massive security force as the political leaders witnessed the most strained power transfer in modern history

Other members of the Minnesota congressional delegation welcomed the transfer of power in the hours after former President Donald Trump left Washington on Air Force One for Florida

“These new leaders will not just swear an oath to protect and defend the U. S. Constitution, they will work to strengthen our country and our democracy, “said Democratic Rep Betty McCollum said in a prepared statement

McCollum chose to take the negotiations off their St Paul, but most of the rest of the Minnesota delegation – Democrats and Republicans – planned to be there. This included Sen, along with Klobuchar Tina Smith and Representatives Angie Craig, Dean Phillips, Ilhan Omar, Tom Emmer, Michelle Fischbach and Pete Stauber

“Today I attended the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46 President of the United States and hope we can find the common ground needed to strengthen our nation’s future, “Emmer tweeted, accompanied by a photo of himself in front of the opening stage

Stauber, along with his invited guest, also tweeted a picture of himself at the celebrations: Jason George, the executive director of Minnesota’s International Union of Operating Enginees Local 49

Two weeks after the violent attack on the Capitol by angry Trump supporters who attempted to halt confirmation of Biden’s victory, the opening ceremonies were accompanied by unprecedented security

The counterinsurgency began to gather around 8 p.m. Tuesday Hundreds of members of the National Guard, wearing large clear shields and helmets, got off buses parked in front of a security area about 400 meters from a stage on the Biden 15 hours later the President would take the oath of office

The brightly lit stage, festively adorned with American flags, contrasted with the grim gathering of troops in a dark side street nearby Inauguration of the President Fatal Jan An attack on the Capitol by a mob instigated by Biden’s defeated opponent, Republican Donald Trump, guaranteed a war atmosphere would suck much of the joy of a traditionally happy event already highlighted by the enormous death toll from COVID- 19 was suppressed

A forbidden fortress, bounded by metal fences with barbed wire, concrete barriers, and a small army of firepower, stood ready to fend off another attack, men and women of the National Guard backlit by harsh security lights or stationed in the shadow of dark Congress office buildings are taking a scary look at the upcoming ceremony

A young guardsman stopped to talk about the draft000 others he was asked by his commander to defend the nation at short notice000 others he did just that

But the intense law enforcement and military presence did not completely alleviate the fear of people who felt attacked by fellow Americans

A series of bangs from what sounded like little fireworks made people nervous and unsure

Before the attack on the Capitol, no one thought the government was vulnerable, said Patricia Huffman, a 14-year-old District of Columbia resident

On Tuesday night, Huffman, a 51-year-old college professor, rode her bike around the security area, thanking as many law enforcement and military personnel as she encountered

Washington correspondent Jim Spencer examines the impact of federal politics and policies on Minnesota businesses, particularly the medical device, food distribution, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and health insurance industries

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