You will encounter the puzzle in the conference room in The Medium when looking for Richard and entering the lounge when you are out and about to get some bolt cutters, you will need to send the souls of the other victims from The Maw away

The “other victims” are two souls – one from a man and one from a woman. The puzzle in the conference room arises when you search for the man’s name so that he can leave the spirit world for good

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During your quest to find the bolt cutters in The Medium, you will encounter two captive souls – one from a man and one from a woman.If you want to finally reach those elusive bolt cutters, you must free both of them

The order in which you free the souls is up to you, but you need to free both to do this you need to find both the mask and the name

The soul trapped on the right belongs to a woman and you can find everything you need to set it free by following the ghost trail to your right.It will solve some minor puzzles and stealth, but it’s nothing that complex

The imprisoned soul on the left belongs to a man and you can easily find his mask by following the ghost trail on your left, however, if you uncover this man’s name you may need assistance

Before we start, it’s important to know that you need to be very careful about what elements and in what order you will interact during the conference room puzzle in The Medium. If not, you risk losing the ability to interact with certain objects to lose and not to solve the riddle

The only way to fix this situation is to reload one of your previous autosaves and try the puzzle again

The conference room puzzle is actually split into two different rooms The first of these is achieved by traveling through the mirror, which is unlocked after collecting the man’s mask in the spirit world

As soon as you travel through the mirror, Marianne is in an abandoned conference room Go to the left side of this room and pick up the phone you can find near the open door

Next, you’ll want to hear the ghost trail on the phone so Marianne knows she’ll have to visit the room across the hall to find out the man’s name

With this in mind, you leave this room, up the corridor and through the only open door into the small conference room

Once inside, read the presence sheet on the table to see who was in the room

This will also allow you to interact with the chairs but not yet touch the chairs, which may prevent you from interacting with certain items, which will lock the puzzle and your progress in the game.

Instead, you have to go to the floor of the room and interact with the ashtray

Listening to the ghost trail at the bottom of the tray will let you know that the man you are looking for didn’t like the fact that he sat across from someone named Boris

Knowing this, go back to the attendance sheet and still ignore those chairs Marianne will find that Boris was in ninth place

When you’ve inspected the chair, go to the other across the street to see that it’s number four

Return to the attendance sheet one last time and Marianne will figure out the real name of the soul she wants to save

You can now go back to the trapped soul and see it. Just look for the gullet that will be invisible and come out the door into the room where the mirror is when you try to leave / p>

The easiest way to dodge the throat here is to hold Marianne’s breath and crouch and stay on the left side of the corridor until the throat goes out the door into the hallway, once it’s out the door, you can You easily enter the room and run to the mirror

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