There’s arguably no better way to get in the holiday mood than revisiting your favorite movies every Christmas season, many people turn to staples like A Christmas Story, a sleeper hit that has been around since its release But one thing that viewers may not have noticed is the Christmas story cameo in another popular Christmas movie

Released in 1983, A Christmas Story is a Christmas comedy centered around Ralphie Parker, a little boy who really, really wants a Red Ryder BB gun for a Christmas party in the 1940s, but he is experiencing some setbacks from adults who believe that if he gets it, according to IMDb, he will “shoot his eye out”

The film wasn’t a huge hit at first as it garnered mild reviews and only $ 2 million in box office income, but over time it has bounced back, attracting more and more fans and positive marks from critics

Decades after a Christmas story appeared, the actor Peter Billingsley, who played young Ralphie, appeared in Elf Elf is also a Christmas comedy film and tells the story of Buddy (Will Ferrell), a person who was taken in by elves as a baby and as one was brought up

Billingsley plays Ming Ming, one of Santa’s many helpers. He appears briefly at the beginning of the film when he and another elf are shown talking about Buddy’s true identity. This conversation ultimately leads to Buddy’s decision to choose the Leaving the North Pole for New York, where he reconnects with his father

Elf was released in 2003 to praise his storyline and character achievements, but Billingsley’s involvement went largely unnoticed for years as it was an uncredited role

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Billingsley’s commitment to Elf rose to prominence in 2018 after a social media user tweeted the reveal sparked a lot of chatter online and eventually made national headlines BuzzFeed wrote the story, “I was years old today when I realized Ralphie was the actor in Elf ‘”

“Did everyone already know that this Elf from Elf is Ralphie from Christmas Story? When did you want to tell me that ??? It changes everything! “Read a tweet

“I’ve thought for so long that MING MING looks so familiar … (why I’ve never looked it up before is a mystery to me lol) anyway, when I sit here and watch the film, it dawns on me that he sees look like Ralph! Guess what it is !! Moron !! # AChristmasStory #movies 🙃 ”read another tweet

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