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Almost five years ago, Yassin Dabeh’s family fled war-torn Syria to live a better life in Canada

Now the family is faced with the indescribable horror to see Dabeh as the youngest person in the Middlesex-London area to die after being diagnosed with COVID-19

Dabeh, 19, worked as a cleaner at the Middlesex Terrace nursing home in Delaware, OntMohamad Fakih, a businessman and philanthropist who spoke to the young man’s father, died outside London and died after contracting the virus / p>

“They arrived as immigrants from Syria in 2016,” said Fakih, CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, who reached out to the grieving family to offer financial assistance for the funeral. “He said the community had come together and the funeral has paid ”

Fakih said the teenager, who had three brothers and a sister, died Thursday and was buried on Friday

To honor Dabeh’s life in his own way, Fakih asked the organizers of a bi-weekly community outreach event that will prepare 500 meals for the needy in Regent Park if the event on Sunday could be remembered by Dabeh They agreed

/ p>

Fakih said Dabeh’s father cried when he told him the meals were being served in his son’s honor

“People need to feel like they are not alone, especially if they are refugees,” said Fakih, an immigrant who came to Canada from Lebanon more than 20 years ago. “We want to show them that Canadians, we are all one big family and they are not alone. He was very grateful to the father ”

Dr Alex Summers, Associate Medical Officer of Health at the Middlesex-London Health Unit, told the star that he couldn’t confirm Dabeh’s identity, only that a man between 10 and 19 who worked in a nursing home died after positive to that Test virus

“Obviously, the death of someone recently diagnosed with COVID in this age group comes as a surprise and tragic thing to many,” Summers said, adding that the deceased was the youngest person in the health unit’s region Died after her death diagnosed with COVID-19

“The primary aim of the Department of Public Health research is to understand where people have contracted an infectious disease like COVID and where it could spread, and to try to intervene to limit its transmission” he noticed

He said that the case in question was considered “resolved,” meaning that the patient was no longer contagious

“Certainly, COVID as a virus can have effects on people that go far beyond whether someone is contagious or not,” Summers said Share age recently diagnosed with COVID ”

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Yassin Dabeh

World News – CA – Teenager working in a nursing home identified as Yassin Dabeh, a Syrian refugee who fled to Canada for a better life