Korean thriller Sweet Home hit Netflix on December 18, and before it became a TV show it was (and is) a fan favorite, Webtoon or Manhwa, according to AsiaOne, have been more on Korean website Naver Collected as five million views, needless to say, fans were thrilled with the opportunity to relive the story in a new way when the news of its TV debut broke, however, with some minor changes to the series’ plot It is unclear whether Sweet Home will return for season two

The original Webtoon is made up of 140 “episodes” or chapters of the story that writers Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang just completed in August, which sparked speculation about whether the 10-episode Netflix series would completely adapt the original, according to According to According to a Reddit recap of a cast commercial interview, the main character Cha Hyun-su (played by Love Alarms Song Kang) remains largely untouched. He is a self-described recluse who loses his family in a car accident, pulls into his own apartment, and nearly kills himself takes when everyone around him turns into monsters who represent their own inner demons He steps into action to save himself and his neighbors.A second season could deal with this story

Other main characters are slightly tweaked, and director Lee Eung-bok (Mr. Sunshine, Descendants of the Sun) added a new character, former special forces soldier and firefighter Seo Yi-Kyung (Lee Si-young) writers urged Eung-bok not to “follow 100% of Webtoon history” because they wanted to “see different perspectives,” according to the Reddit thread mentioned above, so it’s possible for a second season only to have the original content. Whatever happens, Eung-bok is eager to live up to the story

“I made sure the series stayed as faithful as possible to the monsters from the Webtoon,” Eung-bok said in a December 16 press conference per AsiaOnecom, but according to Soompi’s report, he still had to make some changes at the end and * somehow * said he was open to a second season “While we were writing we completed the ending of the story ourselves So there are a few things that came out after we were done, “he revealed.” When the opportunity arises, we’d also like to introduce the monsters that we couldn’t. We want to be true to the original ”

So if you’ve been disappointed with your favorite monster’s absence in Season 1, the hope is still that it could appear in Season 2

Sweet Home

World News – CA – Season 2 of ‘Sweet Home’ could revert to its original source material

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