Winona Ryder is no stranger to the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s.But even during this time of constant reboots, she never thought she would revisit her role as Edward Scissorhands’ 1990s suburb of Kim Bogg But when Cadillac called with an eco-friendly Super Bowl ad for their LYRIQ speakerphone, Ryder slipped back on that blonde wig to play Timothé Chalamet’s Edgar Scissorhand’s mother, the young actress who drew many comparisons to Johnny Depp, the star of the original film has also taken your decision into account

“I liked the idea of ​​working with Timothée, who I’m such a fan of,” she told Vanity Fair that the film’s original director, Tim Burton, was not involved in creating the commercial, despite being both the commercial and the Ryder gave his explicit approval: “It’s rare when a work”You take pride in the fact that you continue to live and develop even after 30 years. I’m glad to see Edgar deal with the new world! I hope both the fans and those who come to Edward Scissorhands first Get to know each other, have fun with itâ ????

Die-hard Chalamet fans were first made aware of the actor’s possible involvement in a Scissorhands project when he posted a clip of the iconic Danny Elfman score in an Instagram video, Ryder himself said she was stunned when she saw him in costume for the first time: â € “It was quite a moment. Very surreal and just a very, very sweet moment for me. I was really blown away by him and the work of everyone who put the character together. He is such a beautiful one Guy, so talented, so incredibly nice and unique. Really the perfect person to embody this characterâ ????

Although the original film ends with Edward and Kim splitting up and Kim declaring she never saw Edward again, this Cadillac commercial gives the haunted fairy tale a slightly different, more upbeat ending, as if there were any doubts, plays Chalamet given his slice-and-dice appendices, officially Edward Scissorhandsâ ???? Son Edgar But Edward is not named in the ad, nor is Johnny Depp’s name anywhere in Cadillac’s marketing materials

Still: The idea of ​​Cadillac’s “Super Cruise” hands-free function and a tortured boy with scissors for his hands are a match made in advertising heaven. “We love the creative concept of Super Cruise and the LYRIQ that opens up Edgar’s world and gives confidence to his daily life, “said Melissa Grady, Cadillac’s chief marketing officer, at a time when people are looking for an escape from the challenges of last year, it has been a privilege to refresh the beloved story of Edward Scissorhands Repeating modern way and showcasing Cadillac’s electric future during the biggest game of the yearâ ????

Chalamet was apparently a quick study to navigate the scissors himself Ryder said she needn’t give him advice as Edgar cut his way through pineapples, soccer balls, his mother’s hair, and more before moving to the sound of Elfman’s more famous Score drove into the sunset “It was very special to be able to come back” said Ryder Even if only for a short timeâ ????

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