The Super Bowl has become synonymous with advertising over the years, with no lack of commercials that go down in the TV Hall of Fame annals, whether it’s for their humor or emotion or technical innovation This is no longer a secret, but the Super Bowl 55 ad space will be a little different

This year some strong minds are passing on the opportunity to promote their product: Budweiser, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Ford are choosing not to advertise their products for various reasons, but mostly because companies Choosing to spend money elsewhere, including sending money to advertising agencies to promote Americans receiving the coronavirus vaccine

The Money on Ad Space During the Super Bowl Has Risen Exponentially The price of ad space this year is well over $ 5 million for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl hours This maximizes the number of eyes on your product during one of the country’s biggest TV events of the year. Last year, over 102 million people gearing up for the Chiefs defeated the 49ers in Super Bowl 54

To meet you and show all your friends at the (virtual) water coolers, check out this year’s Super Bowl commercials here:

Believe it or not, Tide is back with their newest, pretty fun offering for the 2021 Super Bowl advertising cycle: the Jason Alexander Hoodie

Interestingly – and definitely no coincidence – the commercial features the theme of “The Greatest American Hero,” which Alexander’s George Costanza took up in a legendary episode of “Seinfeld,” “Time is a Flat Circle

The answer: Probably not, but Chipotle takes a closer look at how their burrito could change the world

Whether a burrito can change the world is up for grabs, but what isn’t, how tasty they are Mmm burritos

While Budweiser is stalling the Clydesdales this year, the company will be promoting other brands, including Bud Light

In this teaser for a commercial – that’s right, a commercial for a commercial – Bud Light teases the return of many legendary But Light speakers, including Post Malone, the Bud Knight and “Real Men of Genius” singer David Bickler This should be filed daily

This chip ad plays Pringle’s commercials from the past and shows the return of some astronauts to Earth, only to find that people are still finding new and intricate ways to stack the elongated chip

Mercari, a mobile app designed to help you sell your unused merchandise, is a reminder that you absolutely no longer need Big Mouth Billy Bass on your man cave wall.It’s not 1999. You might also want to sell your Playboy pinball machine Your in-laws have always disproved

Oh, you thought you were going to play an entire Super Bowl Sunday without seeing anyone from the Manning family on your TV? How wrong are you, friend

In this Michelob Ultra ad (a brand of Anheuser-Busch) the narrator asks: Which comes first, winning or luck? (We know the answer to that, but still take good care)

This ad is a reminder of how crappy 2020 was, with few references to some of the trends of the year centered around: haircuts at home, disastrous airports, and cardboard clippings in the empty Dodger Stadium

Listen, buying a car is usually a very uncomfortable experience, and Vroom sums it up perfectly in his Super Bowl ad, in which a guy in a car dealership is tortured like a scene from a James Bond movie becomes

The luxury beer brand (if there is such a thing) is diving into the Super Bowl advertising space this year with Grammy-winning musician Lenny Kravitz and his hit “It Ain’t Over (Til It’s Over)”

In just 30 seconds, it’s palatable, which is roughly 40 beats per minute out of those 2.5 billion heartbeats. Spend them wisely

Make your site your main occupation – this is what website builders Squarespace and Dolly Parton want you to know

In a re-recording of her hit “9 to 5”, the music icon creates a bit of motivation for people to turn their hobby into their gig, in a colorful song-and-dance number on this ad

Ford cuts off a nice slice of American cake and sends a message with its minute-long ad before Super Bowl 55: Don’t get tired of the pandemic and finish strong

The commercial features bull rides, visits to masked hairdressers and medical staff, and motivates America to stay strong in the face of adversity. What’s more ‘Murrica than that?

You’ve heard of Patrick Price and Rodgers Rate, but State Farm is poised to roll out an all-new alliteration-based discount this coming Sunday

In a teaser for a blockbuster commercial coming your way this Sunday, State Farm calls for Jake and his khakis to book a big guest for the spot

If you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in almost a year because everything is fine, Oikos has you covered

With the really ugly weightlifting faces of some top athletes (and SpongeBob SquarePants), the yogurt company is here to make sure you’re getting your protein

If you’ve ever wanted a deeper dive into the life and times of a Tony Romo, Skechers has gone over the top

With Candice Crawford and her husband Romo, the fun ad gives you a glimpse into the Romo household with a huge bed, a sandwich the height of a skyscraper and a monster truck who doesn’t love monster trucks?

Whether you’re young or old, finding a job can be daunting In fact, the Super Bowl commercial debut in a warm and emotional commercial before Super Bowl 55 draws:

the hearts of all who Search work

What do you get when you put Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina together in one commercial? Joy – and jumbled directions to European nations

In this ad, the comedians are fighting together to take the fight to Norway for their propensity to sell electric vehicles

In this year’s Proctor & Gamble dual ad, they want viewers to do whatever it takes to help each other keep their space clean. And no, emptying the dishwasher doesn’t count as a task done

The sandwich stop wants you to meet the king of meats Tony Bolognavich, who has apparently been dominating the lunch industry for some time now, has to worry about the rise of Jimmy John invading his lawn – and into his kitchen

Haven’t you got enough right now to put on those new cowboy boots? No hassle Klarna and Maya Rudolph (four of her) are here to let you know you don’t need all of the cash upfront to make this purchase Also payment number 4 to bring an exceptional amount of soul into the performance

You can’t spell Guinness or GOAT without a G, and Joe Montana is one of those himself.In the beer company’s first Super Bowl ad, one of the NFL’s GOATs and one of the beer scene’s GOATs share the value of looking at a (presumably better) future

With Grammy nominee Lil Baby, Rockstar Energy is entering the Super Bowl ad age with a 30-second seat ahead of Sunday’s game.The ad offers a few pieces of advice: size chases rock stars, not the other way round

2021 Superbowl Commercials

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