UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Julija Stoliarenko collapsed twice trying to gain weight for her scheduled UFC Fight Night bout on Saturday against Julia Avila (1:09)

A UFC fighter tripped and fell while trying to weigh in on Friday morning, which resulted in her fight being canceled

Julija Stoliarenko, a bantamweight fighter for women, collapsed twice trying to gain weight for her scheduled UFC Fight Night fight with Julia Avila in Las Vegas on Saturday, the fight was canceled due to weight loss problems, UFC officials told ESPN with

On the scales, Stoliarenko gradually lost his balance.She tried to take a step back from the scales, but staggered backwards and collapsed against the backdrop of the UFC UFC security helped Stoliarenko to a chair on the corner of the stage

In one disturbing scene, Stoliarenko was allowed to step back on the scales to weigh in for the Nevada State Athletic Commission. She successfully made 1,355 pounds, but when she tried to get off the scales a second time, she collapsed again and collapsed A member of the UFC security team caught her

A nearby doctor came in to take care of her. Stoliarenko’s trainer Donatas Uktveris brought her water. Stoliarenko was taken out of the room on a stretcher. She was taken to a hospital, according to UFC, according to a request from ESPN for comment from Stoliarenkos Team was not answered immediately

When asked why Stoliarenko was allowed to get back on the scales after the first fall, NSAC chief assistant Jeff Mullen, who led the weighing, declined to comment

In an Instagram video on Friday night, Stoliarenko said she actually had no problem losing weight.In fact, she said the pounds were falling off too quickly Stoliarenko said she hit bantamweight too early on Friday around 5 a.m. With the Weighings from 9 am, she had to go four hours without food and water to gain weight for the fight

“As everyone knows, when you lose weight you can’t be at this weight for too long because you are already at the limits of your dehydration and so on,” said Stoliarenko. “That was a problem, why it all happened”

Stoliarenko said she understood why the commission and the UFC canceled the fight, but she said she felt a lot better and could have competed on Saturday. Stoliarenko apologized to the UFC and Avila apologized for the incident

“I actually feel ready for a fight,” said Stoliarenko. “My body feels great, I’m still in good shape”

Weight loss is a dangerous part of mixed martial arts fighters sometimes lose 20 to 30 pounds in the days and weeks that make up the tradeoff, and sweat the remaining weight off in a hot bath or sauna some state sports committees, including the California one, have Enact regulations to curb extreme weight loss and severe dehydration in martial arts

Stoliarenko (9-4-2) had a winning streak of five fights in her previous fight, a unanimous loss in decision to Yana Kunitskaya on her UFC debut -year-old Stoliarenko is also a former master of Burmese martial arts from Lethwei

Julija Stoliarenko

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