The result means that at the beginning of the year we set a new English record of 10 consecutive top-division victories

And it also means that for the first time since 1981/82 we have won both top away games on Merseyside in a single season

There’s still a long way to go this season, but our impressive 10-point lead has been built on a solid defense platform Our strikers can play with creativity and freedom, safe in the knowledge that we are safe behind

And one look at the numbers tells you everything you need to know Since our loss to Leicester City in late September – a game where we scored five goals and made a number of mistakes – we’ve had 22 premieres in the following League conceded only nine goals

The side that has conceded the penultimate goal since that time is Chelsea, who have admitted 18 – twice as many – with Tottenham in third place at 21

And in these 22 league games we played 14 times without conceding a goal, which in turn represents a league high during this time

Ruben Dias, who signed in the summer, has been central to our improvement as he has played 21 of the 22 games since losing at Leicester. He has brought leadership, pace and stability after using his talents in the field Trophy winnings at Benfica has improved

And Joao Cancelo, who played in both full-back positions, has played 19 games during that time

In fact, Cancelo is perhaps the most exciting story of all – a player who struggled to adapt in his first season at City is now an integral part of the league’s closest defenses and is widely recognized as the most attacking full-back in European football

His athleticism and enthusiasm for the game are evident, but his intelligence is now widely recognized. During games, he often moves to central midfield and does an excellent job of executing Pep Guardiola’s nuanced instructions

Kyle Walker, who turned out to be one of the real leaders of the roster, has played 14 times, and John Stones, whose renaissance has been well documented, made 13 appearances

City’s success under Guardiola, who has won eight major trophies since joining the club in the summer of 2016, is largely based on offensive brilliance

We scored 665 goals in the 270 games that Pep was responsible for! That’s an average of 246 per game

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