On a normal St. Patrick’s Day, marching bands, bagpipers, pub owners and night owls would prepare for a celebration of all things Irish on an occasion that consumes around 13 million pints of Guinness worldwide (enough to fill two and a half Olympic swimming pools) Unfortunately, the ongoing Covid- 19 pandemic resulted in deserted roads in Dublin and the rest of Ireland for the second year running

The event will also be a muted affair across the Atlantic, where Americans usually celebrate Irish National Day in style, in some cases U.S. The traditions of St. Patrick’s Day even goes a step further than Ireland itself, for example in Chicago, where the river is colored green in an impressive display.In fact, the Americans made the event what it is today and the world’s first parade to the St. Patrick’s Day took place on Jan. Held March 1762 in New York City

The ties between the two countries remain strong and Congress made March 1991 Irish-American Heritage Month, while the Irish Prime Minister flies to Washington every year to present the United States President with a bowl of shamrock, although that will be a virtual affair in 2021

Given the length of time Americans embrace their Irish roots and the St Enjoy Patrick’s Day, like many US. Citizens today can actually claim Irish ancestry? Research carried out by the US. The Census Bureau shows that roughly 304 million Americans, or 92% of the population, reported Irish ancestry in 2019, which is second only to German with an estimated 404 million U.S. Citizens with ancestral connections to Europe’s economic powerhouse, or 123% of the population English ancestry is the third most common among Americans at 7, 2 million people claim to have connections with Ireland’s neighbors

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St Patrick’s Day

World news – CA – St Patrick’s Day 2021: 30 million Americans claim to have Irish ancestry [infographic]

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy/2021/03/17/st-patricks-day-2021-30-million-americans-claim-irish-ancestry-infographic/