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Penny Stock Supreme Cannabis Company (OTCMKTS: SPRWF) gained nearly 25% in intraday trading today and has been another beneficiary of upward momentum across the industry over the past few weeks, with more than 25 million stocks on the day of writing compared to an average daily trading volume of 31 million

Supreme Cannabis is a Canadian medical cannabis manufacturer primarily active in this market, but also in Israel and Australia. The company also trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker FIRE

Supreme Cannabis Company was founded in 1979 and has a market capitalization of $ 273 million Recently, nearly $ 23 million was raised through an overnight marketed public offering

The surge in SPRWF comes at a time of increased investment in cannabis stocks, like the prospect of US. Legalization Gets More Likely It also appears that Reddit investors have shifted their attention from sharply abbreviated stocks to cannabis, according to InvestorPlace’s William White of com Sundial Growers (NASDAQ: SNDL), a peer and fellow penny stock section of the sector, recorded this Week also saw some serious upward momentum, suggesting an appetite for cheaper stocks in the sector

Supreme Cannabis will report earnings for the second quarter of fiscal 2021 in just two days The company previously exceeded analysts’ expectations for the first quarter of fiscal 2021 In November 2020, analysts suggested that the SPRWF was close to “breakeven Point “and would make a profit from 2021

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