Spider-Man he may be, but Tom Holland’s latest role in Anthony and Joe Russo’s Post-Avengers directorial offerings are decidedly less than great if the first reactions to Cherry are anything

Cherry is a real departure from the comic genre and is based on the book of the same name by Nico Walker He follows a young man who, after serving in the Iraq war, struggles with undiagnosed PTSD and the traps and trauma of opioid addiction

Prior to Kirsch’s release, critics shared their thoughts on Holland’s most recent foray outside of the MCU, and while his nuanced performance is textbook gritty, it seems like “crowded,” “cringey” and “clichéd” material let him down this time around

Want to see how Cherry got a rating of only 36% for rotten tomatoes? Check out our overview below

“As good as Holland is as Spider-Man, Cherry shows he can do so much more than just be a wise, somewhat clumsy teenage superhero. He really pushes himself forward in a sweeping and engaging performance and holding a film together who is overambitious and narrative messed up

“If you didn’t know that [Anthony and Joe Russo] made the greatest movie of all time, you might be forgiven that Cherry was their debut film because they throw so many cinematic techniques to the screen”

“There may be too much jewelry, the film is an overly arduous attempt to do something big, nervous, and relevant. As is often the case, watching populist filmmakers gain prestige is fascinating – but that curiosity only guides us so far in Kirsch’s 141-minute run

“There’s kind of a bell curve of tolerance; the movie starts out loud and exaggerated, gradually turns into a sad and gnarled Bildungsroman, and then burns itself out with an operatic finale It’s a grueling experience”

“The Russians can’t shake their MCU influences, which makes Cherry a nerve-wracking, extremely serious take on Thor’s endgame arc

“Ultimately, everything in Cherry is a trope and it all sounds wrong. They distinguished themselves by planning the geography of a cosmic time travel-capable heist but delving into the fear, thrill, confusion, and desperation of life who was addicted to heroin “

“As a showcase for Holland, Cherry offers the opportunity to expand one’s talents to places the Spider-Man franchise would never allow. Beyond that, however, this is a disturbingly familiar story of trauma and addiction that is often like a cover of older, better movies about war and drugs plays “

“The movie never sells us all over Kirsch’s stone deafness, and it only gets worse when his polite sociopathy collides with the PTSD he brings home from the war in a histrionic way that messes them both up” I’m 23 years old, “he says at the beginning,” and I still don’t understand what people are doing”‘

“Cherry has no decent answers for him; it can only smother him under the crushing weight of style over substance”

“But with all the dedication of the central couple, it’s hard to shake the feeling that they are both playing dress-up, a gleaming Riverdale display of desire and interdependence, mostly expressed in the worn-out slang of the cliché: the blissful highs and itchy, spiraling lows; the crusted traces and the serious delivery of lines like, “Sometimes I feel like love doesn’t really exist ‘”

“Cherry is some kind of bizarre post-film experiment that could only be done with the clout of filmmakers who had just delivered the highest-grossing film ever. It’s fascinating and insane, [sometimes] exciting to see and sometimes boring

“Although the Russo brothers were crowded at times, they made at least one good decision, and that was Tom Holland as the lead actor, whose performance never wavers even when the footage shakes”

“There is hardly a believable moment in Cherry, but the real crime of the film is that there is hardly a moment that is fun. The only emotion the film conveys is being full of yourself”

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