There’s another Lotto Max winner, and those who hit the jackpot are now $ 60 million richer, but they don’t live where you’d expect them to be

In the drawing on 22 January the jackpot was won with a selection sold in the prairies

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You may have thought the winning ticket was sold in Ontario or Quebec because it appears that many of the winners are from those provinces

So if you’re on the prairie and played the lottery in this raffle, check your ticket!

In addition to the jackpot, a $ 1 million Maxmillions prize was won with a selection sold in Quebec

Recently, a Toronto woman won $ 60 million in the lottery playing numbers her husband saw in a dream

If you want to try your luck, the next Lotto Max drawing will take place on 26 January and the jackpot is $ 15 million

Lotto Max Winner

World News – CA – Somebody in Canada won the Lotto Max jackpot & is now $ 60 million richer