Newswise – If you’re dreading the night in March as we approach daylight saving time, you’re not alone. More than half of Americans say they feel tired after the DST change and 63% of Americans say they support eliminating seasonal time changes in favor of a national, fixed, year-round time, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, research supports public opposition to seasonal time changes, and sleep science suggests permanent standard time is the best option

Research shows that clock changes can disrupt your internal clock and affect the quality of your sleep.This disruption to your sleep / wake pattern can have dangerous consequences, including an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents, medical errors, cardiovascular events, and mood disorders

The AASM supports the elimination of seasonal time changes and the introduction of permanent standard time to improve public health and safety A recent position statement explains that standard time is more closely aligned with the body’s internal clock The AASM and health, safety support organizations and education advocate permanent standard time legislation

“Summer time increases our morning exposure to darkness and evening sun exposure in the evening, the most powerful timer for the human body clock,” said Dr Shannon Sullivan, Chair of the AASM Public Safety Committee and Clinical Professor of Sleep Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine “The clock change creates a misalignment between the body’s circadian rhythms and the clock, making it difficult to fall asleep at night, impairing sleep quality and leading to sleep loss that can adversely affect health and safety “

Studies have found an increase in car accidents in the week after switching to daylight saving time. In addition to the apparent loss of sleep, other negative effects include an increased risk of stroke and hospital admissions, and increased production of inflammatory markers, a recently published study found an 187 percent increase Patient safety-related incidents related to human error in the week following daylight saving time transition

Before daylight saving time starts in most of the US On Sunday the 14th March, you can prepare to minimize the immediate effects of time change on your body clock

“Getting in and out of summer time can adversely affect your sleep schedule So make sure you take appropriate steps to prioritize healthy sleep before and during the time change, “said Dr Seema Khosla, Chairman of the AASM Public Awareness Advisory Committee and Medical Director of the North Dakota Center for Sleep in Fargo

To request a copy of the “Daylight Saving Time: American Academy of Sleep Medicine Statement” statement or to schedule an interview with an author or AASM spokesperson, please contact the AASM at 630-737-9700 or media @ aasmorg

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), founded in 1975, is advancing sleep care and improving sleep health to improve life000 accredited member sleep centers and individual members including doctors, scientists and other health professionals (aasmorg)

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