Actress Skai Jackson got her first role in a drama called the Liberty Kid in 2007 and has not slowed down sinceThe former child actress became known for roles in Disney shows like Jessie or Bunk’d, in which she played Zuri Ross As a career-minded person, Skai has been largely silent about her personal life

But on the third weekend in January 2021, an adult video shows her and Solange’s 16-year-old son Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr, went viral after Julez allegedly leaked it So, were they together? What happened between them

The 18-year-old actress has not yet been in a public relationship.She mainly uses Instagram to showcase her latest work achievements

She also occasionally posts selfies and photos promoting brands like Olay, and sometimes shares selfies with celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion or Lil Nas X. Regardless, she keeps her romantic life under wraps

In 2019, she is said to have dated a 22-year-old rapper named Lil Keed (aka Raqhid Jevon Render)

The potential fling met with mixed reactions from fans, reports say Lil Keed’s baby mom Quana Bandz has started a feud with Skai

Little information is available on when Skai started spending time with Julez – they never appeared in public and it is uncertain if they were in a relationship

Regardless, many Twitter users are now arguing that Julez was likely the person who leaked the mellow video featuring Skai, with additional alleged screenshots suggesting the stars parted in poor conditions

Rumors that the young couple were allegedly in a relationship in an allegedly leaked group chat, #JulezSmith allegedly revealed that he and #SkaiJackson were dating but have since broken up because she cheated on him in the group chat, Julez claimed he was and Skai Jackson would have had sex ImageTwittercom / cXNdPcvlzj

Julez may have spoken less than favorable about his ex-partner at least once, as an unverified screenshot of his leaked DMs suggests

“F — no,” he allegedly replied to a question about whether he and Skai still talk to each other. “I f —– she was good and got her addicted and then left her It’s complicated,” he wrote According to reports in a group chat, he also allegedly alleged that they broke up because Skai cheated on him

While she hasn’t directly addressed the controversy, some believe that one of Skai’s latest tweets about Julez could be, “Put positive thoughts in your heart, it will change your DNA,” Skai wrote on Jan 18, 2021

Some fans took to Twitter to defend the Disney star and condemn Julez for possibly posting the video

Some even dared tell Solange to step up her game and handle the matter with the same energy she showed when she attacked Jay Z in the middle of the 2014 Met Gala

“All I know is that Solange should better hit her son – the way she hit Jay Z for leaking him and the video of Skai Jackson,” @LinaLaLocaa tweeted

Others convicted Skai of alleged sexual activity with minors as she is 18 years old and Julez is 16 years old

“Skai is 18 which means she is not counted as a minor The boy is 16-17 SOOO,” one person tweeted

At this time, the details of this scandal are unclear, but it appears to be chaotic for everyone involved

Skai Jackson

World News – CA – Skai Jackson and Julez Smith reportedly split up, according to leaked DMs