When the Philadelphia 76ers acquired Danny Green of the Oklahoma City Thunder in November, they did so in order to get more shots of their offense. The 11-year-old veteran is a career 40% shooter from the deep, and so is he makes a lot of sense for her offensive

In three games, Green struggles with his shot that only shoots 2-11 from deep, but his offense will come. He’s less than a month with the Sixers and he’s a guy who’ll get rolling pretty soon

The Sixers won’t be doing plays for him because Green isn’t working like that. He’s a guy who gets his shots in the flow of crime. The important part is that he’ll get started eventually and is here to meet the younger guys on the scene To teach cadres

“These aren’t usually conversations I’ve had with a coach,” Green said. “I’m not really seen as an offensive threat or the guy to get offensive sets for. Usually, I get my shots from the ball movement right now let’s focus on my commitment to educating these guys and understanding the offense and defense so that I am involved here ”

The Philadelphia offense will come from their star duo Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, while Tobias Harris will obviously also be involved. Then the team will have to include Seth Curry as well, so Green’s task right now is to provide a tough defense and to teach these younger guys. He has a lot of experience in the NBA and he has three titles to show so all of this will be helpful to this group

“This is where my commitment comes in,” explained Green. “On the defensive end of the floor and in my talking, teaching, helping these young people learn, but the offense will come later. Right now I’m trying to Tobias, Joel, find out and get them involved, Ben of course, Seth is a great shooter too ”

Green scored six threesomes in the team’s win against the New York Knicks at the weekend and six goals in the team’s season opener.He only fired two shots against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday, in which the team had 21 sales and Green barely one Opportunity offered

“I know that when we have good ball movement, people like me get the kind of shots we got in New York,” he added. “I’ve tried a lot, but these other couple of games won’t give a lot of looks, if we don’t move the ball, we don’t care””

As long as the team moves the ball precisely as they did against the Knicks, green will become a point of attack.On the other hand, he won’t be a guy who will turn down extra shots if so created

“If we take care of it first and don’t turn it over, we’ll look so good, but I’ll worry about that later,” he concluded. “I’ve never been one of those who worries about gunshots Doc, you have to talk to him about it and if he wants me to take more recordings he would be my guest ”

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That’s exactly what they did in the off-season by taking Seth Curry and Danny Green in draft night trades back in November.These moves have given the star duo some space on the offensive end of the floor to operate, and it makes Joel Embiid’s job a lot easier when it comes to getting out of double teams

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Danny Green

World News – CA – Sixers veteran Danny Green is not worried about insults and wants to teach

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