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TORONTO – Adhering to the NHL’s strict COVID-19 protocols during this season’s road trips means the Maple Leafs won’t disregard restaurant meals or other social outings Mitch Marner is therefore leading another initiative to help his teammates stay close

“I was just in the room talking about whether we might be able to get a karaoke machine for our team,” Marner told reporters on a Zoom call on Friday before the first of two Leafs games in two nights against Ottawa. ” That might be a little fun thing on the street when you can’t go out – just try to bring all the guys together. We’ll try to talk and get some new things going “

The idea came to Marner after he got a karaoke machine himself for Christmas, and the winger admitted “to sing a lot more now” and to want to share the experience with other Leafs

“I’m a big supporter of this idea I love it” he said “Karaoke is so much fun and if we can get a big room where everyone can be at least a little bit involved and feel close, that would be ideal”

Although Toronto’s players are between 19 and 41 years old, Holl felt that general musical tastes among their ranks might be more similar than you’d expect

“I saw [veteran Joe Thornton] sing Carpool on Instagram the other day,” he laughed. “I don’t know [when it comes] but he sang Britney Spears so I guess it doesn’t matter which one.” Dude, we’d [hug] all genres “

Joe Thornton, who sings Britney Spears on Swiss TV, is perhaps the best thing I discovered on the internet #SJSharks #LeafsForever BildTwittercom / 9mkFdRFZch

Holl said he would personally queue Gene Pitney’s “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (“It’s right within my reach and there are some nice features that come with the song, a little stage presence”) while Marner plays Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” on the microphone

One person who definitely would not compete in a team-wide singing contest is head coach Sheldon Keefe, who Holl thought could murderously portray George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone”

“I’m not a karaoke guy,” said Keefe, adding that he “had no idea” what he would sing if forced to

For everyone else, this kind of detached social activity would be a lighthearted distraction while players are mostly stuck in their hotel rooms, especially during extended stays in the west to face North Division rivals in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver / p>

The Leafs continue to take all possible precautions to prevent COVID-19 from contracting or spreading among themselves during this first short road trip Most players even forego the opportunity to go for a walk outside

“I think you can get some fresh air, but the guys kind of packed it [last night],” said Holl. “[Everything is] definitely more restrictive. We wear masks everywhere. We’re in our own hotel rooms. We had seats at the Tables assigned when we have dinner We try to do as much as possible and follow the protocol as best we can so that we don’t have a problem with an outbreak “

“We try to do all the smart and right things to stay healthy,” added Marner. “I think the risk is that if one of us gets [COVID], then one of us won’t try to but try to be wise with it. In everything we do, we try to keep a distance from one another and wear a mask “

As part of an effort to minimize movement this season, the NHL has adopted a baseball-style schedule where teams often play against each other on consecutive evenings in the same city Toronto will get its first taste of it on Friday and Saturday when it comes to an Ottawa team that hasn’t played a game in 309 days

“We know what it’s all about,” said Marner, pointing to Toronto’s familiarity with Senator’s head coach DJ Smith, a former Leafs assistant “It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of skating They added a lot of pieces this summer I think they’re hungry to get out of here and play hard and for us we know they won’t make anything easier.” will try to take away a lot of stuff in the rush they will try to chase us away and keep us from our game “

Keefe said he won’t make line-up changes for the Leafs on Friday after beating Montreal on Wednesday.It’s possible that he will consider making adjustments before Saturday’s game, including using substitute goalkeeper Jack Campbell, but Keefe said no one should assume that this will always be the case in the second half of a duel

“We take a day off everything we do,” said Keefe. “We have no real plans. It’s one day at a time throughout this season”

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