Over the years, the Simpsons viewers have adjusted to the fact that the animated series apparently predicted some major world events

Now it looks like an old episode predicted the pro-Trump supporters violated the U. Capitol building this week

The writers of The Simpsons clearly have a keen eye for predicting how world politics and trends might play out, for example, almost two decades ago, the animated show predicted that Donald Trump would eventually become president The series also appeared to the Ebola- Predict breakout long before it even happened

Now it appears that the Simpsons tried to warn us of the events that happened on the U.S Capitol this week on Nov. 1, The Simpsons aired the episode “Treehouse of H orror XXXI” for Halloween 2020. The episode shows an apocalyptic world on inauguration day in 2021 after Homer Simpson decided not to vote. The entire episode shows scenes of overturned vehicles, broken Windows and raging fires shown

Many fans relate the episode to this week’s events at the Capitol, which killed four people and lawmakers barricaded themselves in offices

The Simpsons did it again You predicted the civil war and unrest in the United States 2 more weeks: ((picture) Twittercom / UaPnPLeV21

The Simpsons Predict # Civilwar2021 Riots in America! All the money that was spent on security & these theses run the show 🤷‍♀️ picTwittercom / rRUzNO4ZbR

Do you think the Simpsons predicted what happened in the U? p Capitol or is it just a coincidence? Let us know in the comments below

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