After a nightly search in the Norwegian village of Ask, where a huge landslide occurred overnight on Wednesday, at least ten people are still missing

Local authorities in Gjerdrum municipality are still hoping to find survivors amid the destruction – although the risk of further landslides means the area is not yet out of the forest

“The search is still a rescue operation. We hope to find people alive,” said Dag Andre Sylju, head of police, on Thursday morning to NRK. “The landslide is still in motion, there are still buildings that are completely on Stand on the edge “

For safety reasons, much of the aerial search is done by drones and helicopters equipped with a thermal sensor camera.These cameras have helped detect residents who are still stuck in the area, and several in the past 24 hours Evacuations led

A total of ten people were injured when the slide hit the village for the first time One of them is said to be critical and was flown to Ullevål for further treatment. Four were transported to Ahus by ambulance and five were treated on site

Thirty-one residential units and nine buildings also collapsed, according to the NRK, while 900 people have been evacuated so far. Gjerdrum Anders Østensen estimates that the number of people evacuated is likely to be 1500 will increase as more hazardous areas are found

After meeting the families of those still missing, Østensen recalled to the media how “afraid and anxious” they had been to find their relatives alive

“They are very scared and concerned about the outcome,” he said. “The hope is that they will either be found alive or that they will stay in a place other than the landslide area”

“It hurts to see how the forces of nature have devastated Gjerdrum,” Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg tweeted on Wednesday

“My thoughts go to everyone affected by the landslide. It is now important that the emergency services do their job”

The area around Ask village is known for so-called fast clay Landslides have already been reported in the region

Landslide in Norway

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