Actress Rosamund Pike’s latest role as Marla Grayson on Netflix’s’ I Care A Lot has made her look pretty fearless as a downright reckless force of nature, while her razor-sharp haircut and immaculate business attire are enough to give Pike the intense look Her previous film appearances seem to have altered her appearance in more unnatural ways, which her new film is aiming for. Pike recently looked back on her previous job where the promotional material for her films changed her boobs and the actress cares / p>

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson on her talk show on the day, Rosamund Pike talks about the first time she heard of filters and changed your appearance with the push of a button, a practice that has been applied to her body as well, here are the actresses? ??? own words about the virtual changes your body went through in previous roles:

I was on a flight the last time I flew, over a year ago. During the flight I took a selfie and he looked over someone I didn’t know and he said, “Oh no baby you have to the facetune”a ???? And I said,” Sorry huh? “He says,” You have to do this”a ???? That was my introduction to the world of facetuning. What then became clear to me happened often, well. Body Tuning For the post of Johnny English my breasts were enlarged. On the poster, the character, I have a very impressive one.” Chest I don’t have In Radioactive they strangely made my eyes brown, which I still don’t know exactly why

If Rosamund Pike is anything like her character Marla Grayson, she’s not one to cross.If you haven’t seen her new movie, I Care A Lot, all you need to know is that her character is a troubled son of one of her “Customers” said that she would “rip off his cock and balls” ???? before the title was even on the screen I’m just saying you might want to think twice before changing its already flashy appearance without her consent

The fact of the matter, however, is that stars are rarely told or asked if they’re okay with changing their appearance. In the same interview with Kelly Clarkson, who advocated body positivity, Rosamund Pike ponders the number of times she messes up her looks without her knowledge While she obviously does notice it at times, there must be times when she doesn’t. In Pike’s own words:

Then I thought about it and I thought, do we really know? These are the obvious times when you notice you’re like, “Wow, I have brown eyes” or “I have massive breasts” one ???? But there are probably countless times our image is being treated and we don’t even realize we are all losing track of what we really look like

It’s not exactly uncommon to transform the looks of stars, especially women, into something that is deemed more desirable, however, it is becoming increasingly common for the stars to talk about the questionable practice of actors taking their bodies back by being invoke practices in the fight against body embarrassment and in favor of body autonomy

Personally, I think Rosamund Pike is a goddess. Why anyone would want to mess with a good cause is a mystery to me.If Hollywood changes people who are already the epitome of today’s standards of beauty, it is impossible for anyone to reach standards of beauty that they would find acceptable So you might as well be your beautiful you! Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

Rosamund Pike

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