The season two finale of ABC’s The Rookie left us standing on the edge of our seats with the show’s lead actor, John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) in his home, contemplating evidence intended to frame him as a crooked cop while the red and blue lights of his fellow officer’s vehicles illuminated the room that indicated their arrival was hard to see how he could prove his innocence, but it’s The Rookie so I knew he would and waited eagerly to the third season (premiered on Sunday 3rd January on ABC)

For the first two seasons, The Rookie was an appointment viewing for my husband and I We had enjoyed Nathan Fillion at ABC’s Castle and his role here is similar in many ways Plus, the Rookie was a refreshing change from the recent litigation trend of having detectives on difficult cases The rookie police officers, who call themselves Dramedy, patrol on patrol and encounter all sorts of situations with varying degrees of intensity, with the events sometimes even being humorous.It was a simplistic look as the focus of the story more was on the developing camaraderie of these cops, the relationships they had in and out of work, and less on the insides and realities of policing

After the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and others that summer sparked an increased national focus on police brutality with numerous street protests, I wondered if a show like The Rookie (and another favorite show, Police Comedy – Brooklyn 99) who hadn’t addressed the weighty realities of policing would return, and if so, the inability to shy away from these issues would shift their role as an escape from entertainment

The rookie’s third season opened overlapping with the final moments of the second season, but gives us more information before we continue on the timeline as the hour progresses, we follow our beloved “Boy Scout” John Nolan, who is at every turn doing the “right thing” and putting himself in positions of enormous self-sacrifice, while his colleagues, by their unwavering adherence to the procedure, do not interfere with the investigation and ultimately the other side will come out successfully. Nolan’s success, however, does not come without battle wounds on his career path that we face in this one Season sure will wrestle

As a result, a few breadcrumbs were also distributed for more important matters within the police force. During the arrest of Officer Nolan, his lawyer describes how the dynamics and timing of his arrest were far more beneficial to his defense than most suspects would have been and asks Nolan to honestly consider how he would have approached a suspect under similar circumstances, I expect that experience will influence his decisions later this season

In another scene, we see rookie Nolan and his training officer Nyla Hunter explain to Internal Affairs that they decided to conduct some personal investigations against a respected colleague in order to respect his reputation rather than immediately addressing their concerns to Internal Affairs to Share The internal affairs chief makes a heated statement that “power is too easily abused,” and instead of viewing his department as controversial, remember that an IA is necessary to get rid of bad cops We See also the moment when internal affairs inform Nolan that he is going to be fifth in order to keep his job Cannot make use of the right to change

With the debut of the third season of The Rookie, the story arc between John Nolan and crooked cop Nick Armstrong seems to have come to an end I’m sad that this probably means less Harold Perrineau on my TV on the debut, however serial killer Rosalind Dyer also made a comeback.Her manipulative skills continue to give her leverage beyond her prison bars, and it’s clear she’ll be an ongoing challenge this season

The Rookie will air on ABC Sundays this winter Episodes are available on Hulu the next day

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The Rookie

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