IPL 2020 Live Cricket Score, RCB vs SRH: Sunrisers Hyderabad lost back to back the wickets to Wriddhiman Saha and Kane Williamson in back-to-back flyovers which gave the Royal Challengers Bangalore an outside chance

RCB vs SRH, IPL 2020 Live Score: Sunrisers Hyderabad lost his fourth wicket with Isuru Udana sacking Kane Williamson Chahal took a second wicket, bringing out puzzled Wriddhiman Saha Manish Pandey defeated Chahal for Sunrisers Hyderabad to lose their second wicket Saha and Pandey added a beautiful fifty year plus partnership for the second wicket after the Sunrisers Hyderabad lost captain David Warner to Washington Sundar on the cheap SRH would be happy their bowling performance limited the Royal Challengers Bangalore to 120/7 after choosing to bowling Rashid Khan picked up his first wicket, bringing out Josh Philippe caught in the depths, shortly after AB de Villiers fell to Shahbaz Nadeem Previously, RCB had lost Devdutt Padikkal and Cheap Virat Kohli It was the seventh time in IPL that Sharma had claimed Kohli wicket Navdeep Saini was declared fit but Isuru U dana replaced Dale Steyn for RCB With 14 points, RCB is set to join the Mumbai Indians as the second team to enter the playoffs, while at the same time SRH is in desperate need of a win, a who could keep their chances alive With two games to go, there will be no room for complacency for SRH, who is on 10 points with five wins This IPL tournament is fiercely contested with teams that once looked down and are making some sort of resurgence SRH didn’t hit RCB’s 10-point goal the last time these teams fought, but since then the fortunes of the two teams have been somewhat mixed.

Soft layoff as Williamson sends the ball to Virat Kohli in cover A wicket for Isuru Idana, his first of the innings Jason Holder is the new man of

The equation came down to 34 needed out of 48 balls SRH lost a set Saha but Kane Williamson is still fighting for them Chahal has one and SRH wouldn’t want to play it Required execution rate is only 42

Delivery stolen from Chahal and it results in the stumping of Wriddhiman Saha He goes down the wicket and the round beats him One meter out of the fold and de Villiers takes care of the rest RCB 82/3

Chahal gets Pandey 4th time in IPL, most layoffs by a bowler to send Pandey back to IPL Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Harbhajan Singh and Lasith Malinga also dismissed him 4 times

Fresh out of Chahal and Saha uses his feet well to reach the ball field and toss it towards the midwicket area during a four

We’re done with 10 overs and SRH will be happy with their 74/2 situation after 10 overs and with 47 needed out of 60 balls, it should be an easy chase from this point on with 8 wickets remaining

And Williamson looks surprised It was clearly high As Sunil Gavaskar pointed out, “he is too gentlemanly to do anything but shake his head” Absolute gold!

The RCB stimulators didn’t just click for some reason Udana starts over with a full toss which is generously handed out by Saha, smoothing the ball over the blanket

Two points, three point balls He only gave five out of the two overs he played And that’s when there is so much dew, which makes it difficult for the bowlers to grab the ball well

What happened there? Saha played the drive and with Williamson’s support too far Chahal took a dive and believed the ball had wiggled his fingers before hitting the stumps The third referee didn’t do it because there was no conclusive evidence Williamson survives Kohli and RCB are not exactly happy with the decision

He was 9 out of 9 earlier in the heats From there Wriddhiman Saha moved to reach 25 out of 20

And it was Chahal who hit his first shot Bad shot from Pandey With the request of 450, why Pandey went for that hoick so early Chahal, only he knows Gets a head start and Morris takes the lead long-range capture Gruesome shot Breakthrough for RCB SRH 60/2

Okay then! Time to slow things down Morris, Siraj and Saini didn’t work Maybe it will work, maybe Chahal will

WOAH! Absolutely smoky Siraj’s short ball and this one flew Bounces twice off the rooftop before landing outside the SRH 58/1 stadium and that’s the end of the Powerplay

Two borders, three wide and a reversal What more could SRH have wanted to crown the fifth SRH Race at 46/1

A fuller ball from Morris and Pandey casually sends the ball over the infield over the midwicket for a limit His second of innings to go with an SRH six looks so much more confident that RCB Course at a reasonable pace too

They’re not chasing a huge target So 31 races in four rounds, over seven isn’t bad They wouldn’t want to make the mistakes RCB made It’s time to give yourself some time and to do it patiently

Washington Sundar shoots the ball over 90 km / h but a Wriddhiman Saha alert brings out the aerial sweep shot and gets his first limit himself. He loves to play this shot and it comes out well

SRH fast pitcher Sandeep Sharma had a memorable day with the ball finishing 2/20, one of those wickets being RCB captain Virat Kohli, whom he has now sacked seventh time in the IPL

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A good start over Manish Pandey as he makes a four and a six over Navdeep Saini Saini first under pressure early It’s his comeback after missing the previous game due to a problem Three overs left SRH 21/1

GONE! David Warner tried to repeat the previous shot on the ball and he joined it with Isuru Udana SRH 11/2

Good first against Morris, he gives just 4 points on the first pass, despite a large Washington Sundar first ball at the other end

Wriddhiman Saha and David Warner start the 121-point pursuit of Sunrisers Hyderabad In the attack, it’s Chris Morris for RCB CHASE IS ON!

“I didn’t know that (rejecting Virat Kohli for the seventh time in IPL record) When I got it someone came over and said to me This is one of the biggest, get his wicket is always special I enjoyed I was talking to Bairstow and Holder they told me I play good bowling players and it would be hard for the batsmen if I could arrange the deliveries more straight So I work hard on that and it went well today Very happy with that I need to change my wrist position as I work in the nets Trying to play some outswingers too, work hard I have been bowling for three years, I don’t have to train so much, I know my lengths with it When we started bowling it was a bit sticky, but now there’s a lot of dew The ball is wet and moving forward well ”, Sandeep Sharma , the leader of SRH

27/3 in the last 5 overs (# 16-20) is the 2nd lowest point scored by RCB in IPL 2020

A terrific bowling performance from SRH RCB would have hoped for a little more but judging by the slowness of the surface you never know

Okay so This is RCB’s below par batting performance Natarajan will win the final Can RCB push to 130?

Isuru Udana gives Jason Holder his second wicket of the finals and Kane Williamson his second take of the match Support ends with 2/27 RCB 116/7 with 1 to go

Jason Holder sold out but Chris Morris finds long-term SRH captain David Warner RCB loses 6th wicket to 113

but he makes matters worse by parrying the ball over the border Natarajan is not happy Sharma looked like she panicked after being unable to grab the ball behind I should have done better Should have prevented the RCB 111/5 border, there are two overs left

OUT! Another going Sundar hits a slower ball straight to Natarajan who completes the catch Natarajan lands his first, RCB loses his 5th for 106

At the end of the 15 overs in the 52nd IPL 2020 game, RCB’s total is 93/4 In the last 5 overs, Royal Challengers Bangalore managed to score 32 points for the loss of 2 wickets Click here for more details

Relief for RCB as Washington Sundar gets off with a chance Manish Pandey dove to his right but on landing he looked in doubt The third referee was called in and it was a clear drop La ball hit his hand and bounced off the ground The 100 arrives for RCB however

And he searches his bag for tips to get Sundar and Gurkeerat in all kinds of Impossible to Read Wizard puzzles

Throw the ball straight into the block hole 15 overs are gone and RCB still inside 100 They hit 93/4

And gets cut for a border by Washington Sundar Offered width and Sundar cuts the ball over the back point RCB needs more of these, the rating rate is 628

Only three innings of the 14th RCB 86/4 and in desperate need of a move Six overs left and the only cautious one RCB can afford at this point is Rashid The other five must be tall

He was sacked against Murugan Ashwin against Kings XI Punjab earlier and now for left arm spinner Shahbaz Nadeem Nonetheless, the pace returns as T Natarajan returns for his second spell

At the end of the 10 overs in the 52nd IPL 2020 game, RCB’s total is 61/2 In the last 5 overs, the Royal Challengers Bangalore have managed to score 32 points without losing a wicket Here are some additional details

Oh my God! What is RCB doing here? Another wicket goes down to spin as Rashid Khan brings out Josh Philippe caught in deep midwicket Hard blow for RCB as two batsmen start in quick succession RCB 76/2 in 12 overs

What a wicket to get Nadeem, after dropping off de Villiers earlier, gets his man back He wanted to get over the infield but just wasn’t able to clear the sweeper’s cover, where Abhishek Sharma finishes off a composite capture RCB loses its 3rd wicket for 71 on the board

No, no! Another short ball, this time from Nadeem and ABD wreaks havoc Throws the ball longer for the first six innings of the RCB It caught his attention and how he looks at the big limits

MI Acting Captain Kieron Pollard gives an important update on Rohit Sharma Find out what he had to say

De Villiers finally puts Rashid out of the way Short ball from the leg-spinner and de Villiers swung back over the rearfoot and hit a limit towards the midwicket 10 gone, RCB 61/2

With 23 wickets, Sandeep Sharma is the highest joint wicket taker against RCB in IPL Additionally, 30/2 is RCB’s lowest power score this season

Nine overs played and RCB are 52/2 Josh Philippe scored his fourth limit in the latter but the scoring rate is still a concern

Low ratings for Padikkal, Kohli RCB Sharma captain’s rabbit? Here is a brief recap of the first five overs of the RCB rounds

Not once or twice, but three times in a row If that doesn’t help your confidence, what would it do? Tidy start from Rashid as RCB reaches 42/2 in 8 overs

Oh my God! A chance of a lifetime for Shahbaz Nadeem and he lets him do AB de Villiers hit the ball right at him but the left arm spinner couldn’t seize the opportunity What a body blow it would have been for RCB

With some tough races to get through the wicket, Josh Philippe attempts an unconventional combination of a sweep and a scoop to smooth the ball for a four to the slim RCB 38/2 leg after 7

Trying to pick up the pace further off the ball, David Warner handed it over to left arm spinner Shahbaz Nadeem SRH pulling puts all the stops here

Power play ended and RCB only scored 30 in the first six overs SRH played a lot Of course the surface is not easy to score, but SRH bowlers stuck to a good line and length

We mentioned earlier in our updates how Sandeep Sharma got Virat Kohli’s number He did it again here, sacking RCB captain taken under cover Kohli goes for 7, RCB 28/2 in 44 times

The RCB captain is much earlier than he would have liked and is wrong with a single Meanwhile, Philippe passes the ball over the infield for his second RCB 24/1 limit after 4 overs

Rare low score for Padikkal this year Goes for an ambitious shot and the ball swings just about enough to crash into the Sandeep Sharma stumps with wicket Virat Kohli at the start of RCB hitting 13/1 after 3 overs

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Not well timed but it’s still a limit for Josh Philippe Takes the air route and the ball goes away from the limit Too many point balls for RCB’s liking here and that’s a way to start

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Padikkal crushes the ball on the ground to bring up the first limit of the RCB Two overs are gone, RCB 8 without loss

And rightly so, there is a strange slowness on the surface Padikkal tried to shoot the ball but the ball just wasn’t there Some early leaves from the two RCB openers

It was a good start for SRH stimulator Sandeep Sharma, who gave up just three points on his first pass Mark Nicholas says he sees the first signs of weak bounce and the ball is sort of slipping from below Well, it’s Game 52 after all

After a point ball to start the procedure, Josh Philippe takes a single from the side of the leg to get out of the goal and put the first points on the board for RCB

Padikkal and Philippe punch gloves and we are ready to go RCB vs SRH Sandeep Sharma has the new ball and will start the procedure RCB has the left-right combination for them

With 417 points, Devdutt Padikkal is just the second uncapped Indian player to score over 400 points in his first IPL season Shreyas Iyer was the first to do it Padikkal has been very impressive and crucial to RCB’s success this season Can we take RCB to the playoffs tonight? Let’s find out First rounds about to begin

“We wanted to fight first to be honest It’s pretty dry We think it will get slower and slower as the game progresses Pretty happy to be the first It was a weird stick phase there (against MI) everything we hit was on hand Usually that doesn’t happen with our batting team but these things happen on the field Even then we fought for defend 165 We are not too far from having this professional performance that we have achieved several times in this tournament”

“Vijay Shankar came out, he did his hamstrings Saha is luckily in good shape, so great to find him in the squad Have a positive attitude and come here, we obviously have to win both games to get to final For us he’s about to come out and start over and forget the last game This is how I approach every game, try to come out and do my best and allow ourselves to get off to a good start Obviously different wicket in Dubai compared to here in Sharjah with smaller limits You have to start well We only had one look at this pitch which was against Mumbai It was a challenge, looks like that these wickets have slowed down a bit I have to wait and see how this one plays “

Josh Philippe, Devdutt Padikkal, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (w), Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Washington Sundar, Chris Morris, Isuru Udana, Mohammed Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal

David Warner (c), Wriddhiman Saha (w), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Abdul Samad, Jason Holder, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan

Along with this, fast bowler Navdeep Saini is in good shape and is returning to the squad in place of Shivam Dube

In Sharjah in # Dream11IPL 2020, teams strike first: 5️⃣ wins Teams chasing: 5️⃣ wins How would you approach tonight’s game? 🧐 # PlayBold # IPL2020 #WeAreChallengers #RCBvSRH picTwittercom / eNjSrEIwKI

The 2016 final was contested between SRH and RCB and although it was David Warner’s side that came out victorious, it was not quite the same In fact, these two teams blew the heat and the cold and since we are in the commercial part of the tournament both teams have a chance to make the playoffs

– 100: Rashid Khan’s average against RCB in the last 3 games, he only took one wicket in the last 3 games conceding 100 points

– 21: Wickets Sandeep Sharma faced RCB, his record against any team in IPL

– 3: Wickets Sandeep Sharma must become the highest wicket taker vs RCB in IPL

– 25: Runs Warner must reach 700 races against RCB in IPL, will become the 2nd player to do so

What an impressive victory for the Indians of Mumbai, who beat the capitals of Delhi by nine wickets in Dubai With him, they pass to 18 points Hou la la! Talking about domination MI finally broke their jinx ODD-EVEN

Chahal has contributed 29% of his team’s wickets, which is the third-highest contribution from a top wicket-taker for his team this season

– A lower contribution from Rashid also suggests that bowlers around him have also been among the wickets and that he can focus more on attacking the batter

– Plus, they’re two of only three spinners who are the best box office takers in their franchise this season

– Rashid and Chahal picked up 17 and 14 wickets respectively in the middle most and second in the power play While Rashid Khan has the best economy, Chahal has the 3rd best economy in the middle of the bowlers among the bowlers who have played at least 120 balls

Virat Kohli has scored 270 points in RCB wins this season with a strike rate of 13,846 and takes about 9 balls to reach a limit AB on the other hand scored 191 points at a strike rate of 19,691 scoring a limit about every 4 balls While Devdutt Padikkal and Aaron Finch played at an almost similar level in wins and losses, Kohli and Villiers’ exploits in loss proved to be crucial

RCB’s mid-overs average is second minus, highlighting their struggles amid overs in IPL 2020 RCB’s total of 72 limits is also the lowest of a team in the IPL middle 2020

“Expectations are still high from Virat Kohli He must be disappointed with his performance against the Mumbai Indians It was a big game, and he went to bat at a good position, but he was unable to finding his rhythm We have yet to see the best of Virat Kohli in this tournament And it’s a good thing for RCB that he has scored some points, but his best is yet to come, and they are still 14 points away ” , Agarkar told ESPNCricinfo

4️⃣7️⃣6️⃣5️⃣ of those races came in red and gold 😍Genius indeed 👏🏻 @ ABdeVilliers17 # PlayBold # IPL2020 #WeAreChallengers # Dream11IPL #RCBvSRH picTwittercom / yjdtTTjRty

Rashid Khan took most of the 16 wickets in the middle and conceded a save of 484, best by a bowler in the middle of overs SRH is the only team with RCB to have 4 bowlers with a save of under 7 in the middle overs (7-16)

SRH faces RCB in hopes of continuing their dominance amid overs SRH took 33 wickets from overs 7-16, most by one team in the middle of overs They have a saving of 676, best by a team in middle of the overs

SRH appeared to have resolved its opening issues with Wriddhiman Saha producing a blazing 87 inning against the Delhi Capitals the other night But there’s a chance he won’t play tonight’s game after suffering a groin injury earlier this week.”Unfortunately he (Saha) has a little groin, but hopefully it’s not too bad,” Warner said

Pursuit doesn’t appear to be SRH’s strongest trait Of the six matches they lost, five came as SRH pursued This includes the Super Over loss to Kolkata Knight Riders

After suffering a hamstring injury in the game against the Delhi Capitals, all-rounder Vijay Shankar has been excluded from the IPL 2020, a report said in Sports Tak

In the previous two games, the lower ranked teams upset one of the top teams on Thursday, it was the Chennai Super Kings who spoiled the party for KKR, and on Friday, Rajasthan Royals did the same with Kings XI Punjab SRH, who is one loss away from guaranteed elimination, hopes to get a leaf out of CSK and RR’s book

The last battle between RCB and SRH seems so long This was only the third game of the IPL 2020 in which RCB edged SRH by 10 races Devdutt Padikkal and AB de Villiers scored half a century to carry RCB at 163, in response to which SRH’s pursuit, after a decent start, derailed thanks to a mid-order meltdown Once Jonny Bairstow fell for 63, No 5 to No 11 drummers fell to single digits

A very warm welcome to all of our viewers, for last weekend’s double header of IPL 2020 Although the Mumbai Indians face off against the capitals from Delhi to Dubai, don’t let this match distract from beware of an equally potential blockbuster heading your way Now the rivalry between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad may not be much appreciated, there is a lot at stake in this game tonight at Sharjah Cricket Stadium With 14 points, RCB is one win away from everything but seals a place in the IPL playoffs, while on the other hand, the Sunrisers Hyderabad cling to a thread A loss here for David Warner and his team will back them , but a win would make things really interesting Not only will it keep them alive mathematically, but a result in favor of SRH will prolong the wait for RCB and make the fight really interesting. We have done our part to keep you excited Follow us here to keep track of all match related updates


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