LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA – 21 AUGUST: Fred VanVleet # 23 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Kim Klement-Pool / Getty Images)

If anyone on this Toronto Raptors list was selected as a favorite to break DeMar DeRozan’s franchise record in a single game of 52 points, veteran point guard Kyle Lowry seemed the most likely choice in a 123-108 win against Orlando Magic, however, it was Fred VanVleet who beat that mark with 54 points, despite having only shot 23 times in the game

While the honors for VanVleet came from every corner of the basketball world, the most important ones came from VanVleet’s current and former teammates as DeRozan has to commend the former freelance agent for rewriting the record book in one of the most efficient shots ever

DeRozan, who still plays excellent basketball with the San Antonio Spurs, gave VanVleet his props after the former Wichita State star broke his record. In the same congratulatory tweet, DeRozan hilariously shot Lowry, claiming his “old ass” couldn’t break the record until reminding the public that he knew of VanVleet’s star potential long ago

Congratulations to my Brotha Freddy V! Kyle old ass couldn’t do it I’m glad you were champion! I told you!

As captured by Jamaal Magloire, Lowry led the charges when VanVleet was showered on his return to the locker room, Lowry also made a rousing speech with one arm around VanVleet, praising his work ethic and ability to overcome long chances, after arriving in Toronto as an unoccupied free agent

Lowry claims that he has a very close relationship with VanVleet, calling him his “little brother” and reiterating how proud he is of him considering how VanVleet broke a record for points in a game by an uncovered player previously held by the great Moses Malone, he deserves every ounce of praise he collects

Kyle Lowry about Fred VanVleet: “You already know how I treat him. This is my little brother and I’m proud of him”

While Lowry himself scored a triple-double by scoring 14 points, pulling down 10 boards, and scoring a total of 10 assists, he seemed more than happy to play second fiddle to VanVleet after the fan favorite thanks to some rewrite of Toronto’s record books had godless efficiency

While VanVleet doesn’t shoot the ball like this every night, it doesn’t mean the 9-12 Raptors are by no means out of the woods and ready to fight for a championship, a team from Toronto that needed a sensational effort to the right The ship was given much more than just a stellar day on the offensive as VanVleet’s accomplishment in Raptor history will live on forever

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