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Toronto Needs To Be More Consistent On Attack And Communication On Defense When Facing Philadelphia On The Street Is Today The Day For Their First 2020-21 Win?

It’s overreaction season in the NBA and, according to far too many people, the Raptors are doomed! Calls of basement apartment status, inflated contracts that never get fulfilled, and potential deals have ever been rife in the media.But maybe it’s okay to see the season is incredibly young, yes, the Raptors haven’t been 2-2 in a while to start the year, but there are 70 games left to play

Another reason not to panic? How about Toronto being a world class organization since Masai Ujiri entered the building seven years ago and they haven’t been subordinate to 500 in almost that long? One collective deep breath will go a long way, Raptors fans – even as Toronto’s roster competes against the Philadelphia 76ers tonight, Let’s Breathe
For the Raptors to stand a chance in every game with this roster, Nick Nurse must find a line-up that will bring the starters to the bench so far, with both DeAndre ‘Bembry and Matt Thomas’ relative weaknesses, the results have not been particularly pretty – Attack and Defense – were fully revealed

Toronto will have little room for error against a 76ers team trying to regain their early glory days when Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid were surrounded by shooters and faced the feast of the league, Toronto will have little room for error, and could Malachi Flynn a few minutes of backup guard see or will [redacted] get an opportunity after playing a total of three minutes in the last two games?

Nick Nurse on Norman Powell’s fights: “Norm is not really on the right track at all, let’s face it, he hasn’t shown anything since preseason or regular season”

Norman Powell will certainly continue to get the chance to play through his fights, but Nurse could always switch to one of his bigger guard / forward bodies in Paul Watson or Yuta Watanabe to find something that works

The Raptors have come out hot to start their first two games You have 50 respectively 59 Percent Shot To say Toronto didn’t keep up this pace would be an understatement as their percentages have dropped – quite drastically in some cases. Against the Pelicans, the Raptors managed to get out of three-point 0-10 in the third quarter and only scoring 28 percent on five field goals scored in the fourth quarter.They didn’t do much better in their second game against the Spurs, as their shooting differences were a whopping 17% in the first and second quarters – 32% for the second and third only 39% for the third

If the Raptors are to compete against a much better Philadelphia 76ers team, Toronto needs to show more consistency on the field, especially if their three-point shot doesn’t come, much of that consistency must have come from Pascal Siakam, although Pascal has played a decent defense and his The number of assistants has doubled compared to the previous year, and his three-point percentage has so far fallen by 10 percent

Fred VanVleet Says Everyone on the Team Must Be Better at Defensive Communication Says there is no excuse considering nobody is in the building

Could this be the crux of the problem for the raptors? Could it be solved as easily as just talking more? The loss of Marc Gasol certainly hurt the defense of the starting unit and Serge Ibaka’s rim protector was missing from the bench aside from Boucher’s seven-block explosion against the Spurs

While these two players were the main players in Toronto’s defense system, they were both the first to tell you that the Raptors defense was as good as it was because they were all in sync and moving in tandem, which seemed like in the first not to be the case in both games, as opposing players rolled down the alley without an opponent and the wide-open looks of the opponent from three are no longer accompanied by a crawling defender who is running at high speed towards the shooter.This is essential if the Raptors want to prevail against a Philadelphia team that is now going to pull up a ton of threesomes

Raptors vs 76ers

World news – CA – Raptors chase after first victory vs 76ers: preview, start time and more

Source: https://www.raptorshq.com/2020/12/29/22202851/toronto-raptors-vs-philadelphia-76ers-preview-start-time-injuries-updates