The room solutions cover all the elements that are needed in a high quality room, including computing, audio, video and control functions are designed in such a way that they can be easily scaled by IT departments

QSC announced QSC Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams, which provides all AV elements of the room, including computing, audio, video and room control functions, in a single package that is certified for teams and for IT departments team rooms are designed to be easy to scale Deployments As part of this offering, QSC is also announcing new Microsoft Teams certified accessories for the Q-SYS ecosystem and a range of new software innovations related to Teams Rooms

The QSC Room Solutions are based on the existing QSC portfolio of Team Rooms-certified accessories as well as on products from partners. In addition, native Q-SYS-PTZ-IP conference cameras, which are currently being tested and validated, can be used for certification for To get teams to further simplify the provision of space in high-quality special rooms such as divisible rooms, training rooms, executive boardrooms and everything – hands space

QSC Room Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of QSC software innovations for the Team Rooms experience, which together simplify the integration process, enable full room control and call control of Teams Rooms on a single device, and unify the experience for the end user

The upcoming version of Q-SYS Designer Software v90 will contain specific software components for Teams Rooms to allow direct integration and collective control of Q-SYS and third party devices in the room from a single Microsoft certified controller device enable It has been optimized for the Logitech Tap controller. In addition, remote monitoring functions for QSC Room Solutions certified devices are added via the cloud-based Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager

Other software innovations include sample room designs that conform to Microsoft audio performance standards, the configuration wizard for easy audio optimization of rooms, the Q-SYS UCI for team rooms to provide the familiar aesthetic tools for commissioning your team rooms workflow and a team The rooms are licensed to enable the required provisioning functions for the Q-SYS user control interface and the Q-SYS control engine and to further simplify the purchase and provisioning process

“We have worked closely with our partners and the market to identify and deliver a premium team experience through software and hardware innovations for high-quality spaces,” said Jason Moss, VP of Alliances and Market Development at QSC ” We believe these tools and integrations will result in a far greater empowerment of IT professionals to take control and effectively manage their specific areas of collaboration ”

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