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President Joe Biden says his administration intends to attack the NFL on its offer to use all stadiums in the league as COVID-19 vaccination sites

Biden mentioned the offer from Commissioner Roger Goodell in a letter last week during an interview on the CBS Super Bowl pregame show

Seven NFL stadiums are already being used as vaccination sites. Goodell’s offering extends to the rest of them

Biden says “absolutely we will” when asked if the federal government intends to use all stages to expedite vaccine distribution. Biden says, “I will tell my team that they are available, and I will think we will use them ”


World News – CA – President Joe Biden says Super Bowl Sunday he will use NFL stadiums for vaccination sites – TSNca

Source: https://www.tsn.ca/president-joe-biden-says-on-super-bowl-sunday-he-ll-use-nfl-stadiums-for-vaccination-sites-1.1589470