TORONTO – Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford is expected to announce plans to reopen the province after the state of emergency today

A senior government source who was not empowered to speak publicly on the matter says Ford will announce that the state of emergency declared last month may expire on Tuesday as scheduled

However, the source adds that a stay at home order will remain in place as regions gradually revert to the government’s color-coded restriction system over the next three weeks

The source says the government will also put in place an “emergency brake” that will allow the best doctor in the province to put a region back on lockdown immediately if cases rise

Ontario has been since Boxing Day and December 1 Locked on January 12, the province declared a state of emergency due to rising cases of COVID-19

A stay at home order was also introduced, prohibiting people from going out for anything other than essential purposes, such as exercising or buying groceries

Announcement from Doug Ford

World News – CA – Premier Doug Ford announces plans for a gradual reopening of Ontario