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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warns Canadians to expect more travel restrictions in the near future

At his briefing Tuesday, Trudeau reiterated federal public health guidelines to avoid all non-essential travel, both overseas and between provinces

Trudeau said in French that the ever-evolving news of COVID-19 variants from other countries has led the government to improve the measures already in place and that an announcement was coming very soon

The prime minister also reiterated his earlier statements about upcoming trips and urged Canadians to cancel any plans they had booked Although the number of overseas travel-related cases is small, one case is too manyâ ????

Trudeau said the “bad choice of a few” ???? must not endanger others

Currently, the land border between Canada and the US. remains closed to travelers, while international travelers flying into the country must show a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to their departure and must then be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival

Violations of any of these measures can result in charges under the Quarantine Act with a maximum sentence of six months in prison or fines of up to 75$ 000 lead

Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault reiterated Tuesday that he would like Ottawa to put an outright ban on unnecessary travel or require a 14-day hotel stay on arrival in Canada and as Trudeau said at his briefing on Tuesday, “All options are on the table when needed”â ????

Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford also called on the federal government to conduct mandatory COVID-19 testing and a temporary ban on direct flights from countries where new strains of coronavirus have been found

Ford announced this when it released an update on a pilot project at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport that found 146 positive cases of COVID-19 to date from Dec.580 tests were found Four of these positives were examined as a potential UK Variant and is being further investigated

These are simple people, no politics, nothing, you end up in Toronto or other areas, you need to be tested, it’s that simple. We are not the first country to ask for this and we will not be the last Ford said

The call for stricter travel measures was confirmed by Manitoba’s Prime Minister Brian Pallister, who announced Tuesday that the province is changing its public health regulations to include a 14-day period for anyone traveling to Manitoba from other parts of Canada Self-isolation period is introduced

The Health Department of Canada has reported more than 200 international and domestic flights that have confirmed COVID-19 cases, as well as a train ride on VIA Rail

Overall, travel outside of Canada has been seen as the leading cause of 1.4 percent of COVID-19 cases in Canada since the pandemic began, with contact with a traveler accounting for another percent of infections

Karen Grepin, professor of public health at the University of Hong Kong, said isolating the hotel could reduce unnecessary travel

“But at the same time, it allows people to take important trips if necessary, as long as they are ready to quarantine on their return,” Grepin said

With Canadians being told not to travel overseas, a total booking of the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for nine weeks beginning in February has raised questions about international travel to Canada in Reality Steve, a television writer, tweeted that the Bachelorette is her next season at the hotel hotel at 446 Zimmer


A hotel spokesman, citing privacy concerns, would not confirm who had booked the entire facility for more than two months

When asked about the booking, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr Deena Hinshaw said she was working on a professional framework for the film industry with security arrangements, although she added that the federal government would have to sign off any kind of cross-border televised shoot

“If there are such activities that should come to the province, it would be not just a provincial talk, but also a federal talk,” she said

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a press conference on the COVID-19 pandemic outside his residence at Rideau Cottage in Ottawa on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 THE CANADIAN PRESS / Justin Tang

An employee cleans a check-in machine in the domestic terminal of Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, BC.on Thursday the 21st January 2021 THE CANADIAN PRESS / Darryl Dyck

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