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The city and county of Peterborough will move to the red control zone starting Monday after the largest COVID-19 outbreak to date in Peterborough, reported last weekend at the Severn Court student residence
The Ontario government announced the change, which will take effect at 12:01 p.m. Monday, early Friday afternoon

“With the number of variant cases increasing, I hope the red zone measures will provide our community with the extra protection we need to contain COVID-19 and protect our most vulnerable residents,” said the medical worker at Peterborough Public Health of Health Dr Rosana Salvaterra

“There is a real risk that the variants associated with the local outbreaks will spread further into the community I therefore urge everyone to continue doing their part to ensure compliance with public health measures and to help us stay out of lockdown ”

On Thursday, Salvaterra had suggested that Peterborough should be directed to the red zone as the weekly case rate is 40 cases per 100 due to the Severn Court outbreak000 people had risen

Peterborough is currently in the yellow safe zone with some restrictions on hours and procedures for restaurants and bars

Being in the red zone means people should only leave their homes for essential purposes, including work, school, grocery shopping, exercise, and medical appointments

There will be more extensive measures and restrictions in all sectors to control the spread of the virus, however, the red zone restrictions remain close to the widespread closure of businesses and organizations, although Galaxy Cinemas did not reopen until February 19 close again

Sports teams cannot play games or scrimmages and are limited to training practices only

“The responsibility does not only lie with companies and organizations. Every individual is responsible for wearing their masks and keeping a distance of two meters from non-household members when visiting publicly accessible companies. The only exception to this requirement is for personal carers” said Julie Ingram, Public Health Inspector at Peterborough Public Health

“Residents must also follow the additional measures that local businesses put in place and continue to follow good public health protocols such as: B. limiting shopping trips to one person per household and staying at home when symptoms of COVID-19 occur and are tested ”

Peterborough had 76 active cases as of Thursday afternoon with 43 suspected COVID-19 variant cases and one confirmed variant case

It is the first time since the pandemic began almost a year ago that Peterborough has been placed in the red zone restrictions, apart from the two statewide bans at the start of the pandemic and again between December 26 and Feb. 16

The province also announced on Friday that the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit, which covers the city of Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland County and Haliburton Counties, is moving to the pre-orange protection yellow zone after falling cases will be in the jurisdiction in the last few weeks

Here is an overview of the red zone measures that will come into effect on Monday in Peterborough:

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Red Zone Restrictions

World News – CA – Peterborough moves to the red control zone on Monday as Haliburton, Kawartha and the Pine Ridge District Health Unit upgrade to the yellow zone