Merry Christmas Tom I think of you during this holiday season and remember last Christmas together The Oglows and Deans Family Boys in the living room and girls in the kitchen, fathers taking naps and mothers cooking Good times Heather and Liz

Anne Pereversoff – May the wonderful memories of the season bring you joy and joy for Christmas 2020 FromCorinne Postnikoff

Aging and great Who said that getting older is slower? Certainly not the remarkable Gold Ages that live in Castle Wood You are an incredible group of seniors Thank you for letting us work at your home We’re all in the same boat Let’s stay safe Merry Christmas !! From the management and staff of Castle Wood Village

Oh papa, I miss you! The mountains are beautiful and covered in snow. This season has now turned cold. But these thoughts of you make this heart shine again. Christmas is here and I wish you all a happy and great! I love you! Stay healthy! Send hugs, Loretta

Merry Christmas to Ed and Lillian Goosen, Ron and Roseann McIntyre and Marilyn Gordon We miss you God bless you, your Castlegar Baptist Church family

We want all seniors at Stellar Place to know that we think of you and recognize all that you are doing to protect yourself and all of your neighbors during this pandemic season. Christmas will be different for all of us Know that you are cherished and we appreciate you

Tom Oglow – Merry, Merry Christmas, dear Tommy! We all wish you all the best and hope for a better year next year for all of us! Please know we love you and we send you BIG HUGS! Love, Kris & Larry & Bella Stanbra

Dearest Father – We are very grateful and proud to have you as our hero. You are one of the biggest reasons our hearts are so full this Christmas! Merry Christmas Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa We love you xoxoxo send hugs & prayers your way Kaye Cam Kids & grandchildren

“Merry Christmas to everyone at Talarico! I want to send a special Christmas wish to my dad Ron Johnson. We all really miss seeing you in person! Love and hugs to you dad! All the best, Andrea & Jamie

Dear Tom, under other circumstances I would say this personally, but I sincerely wish you a very Merry Christmas. I am sorry I cannot be there to hug you We hope to get together soon and share some happy moments I send you lots of love! Cousin John

Merry Christmas to the residents of Castleview Care Center and Talarico Place We look forward to the day when we can meet again your friends at Castlegar Baptist Church

Merry Christmas bill! Hope you get lots of card games I miss playing with you 21 I hope you have a great Christmas! From your Twin Rivers buddy – Marcus

The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ Union of the Youth Council wishes the elders in our community warm Christmas greetings. We think of you and send loving prayers so that you can experience well-being now and in the New Year. Peace on earth and love for all. Merry Christmas! With loving gratitude

My brother Tom – send you all of our love and thoughts while you work so hard to recover.Miss you and can’t wait to hug you Be strong and Merry Christmas 2021 can’t come fast enough Dear Ken, Connie and family

Ron Johnson – Merry Christmas Grandpa! We send you a big hug and hope you have a great holiday season We’ll be there to see you as soon as we can In the meantime, keep smiling! Love you so much! Taylor, Adam, Mozzie, Gizmo and Bane

Ron Johnson – Your family misses you and loves you, especially this time of year when we are usually together. Merry Christmas Dad from Ward, Melissa, Vann and Leon

Mary Arishenkoff – Merry Christmas to our loving mother All remember her love and generosity in our lives. Our hearts are filled with her love and kindness and many memories of happiness

We would like to thank all of the Talarico staff for the loving care and thoughtfulness they show towards our mother May you all have a Merry Christmas Stay safe and take care of Dan and Elena Arishenkoff and family

Dear Tom – I wish you a wonderful Christmas in this strange 2020 year, knowing that you are loved and blessed, I pray for you Tom, for strength and better health, to be with your loved ones again soon. Hugs from Jovanka in Jakarta

Victor Heaton – Poppa, From our bubble to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas We know 2020 has been difficult but we know it will be full of hugs, room visits and adventure sometime in 2021 Dear Sue, Curt, Jordan and Sydney

All Seniors – We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas We know that past year has been very difficult for you and we pray that the coming year will bring safer times for your family Sending you all of our love and good wishes for better days! Councilor Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff and family

Grandpa Goldie Sam – We love you and always think of you! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dear Sam, Sonia, Sophie, Josh, Remington, Tyler, Hannah, Troja, Ossie, Jacob & Alisha

Dearest Seniors – Each and every one of you Please know that we (family members, community connections) are thinking of you Don’t worry about who you think is busy – call them anyway You won’t regret it. With love and health for 2021 The IRIS crew

Merry Christmas Greetings Dearest – This time of the year we are full of joy, love and gratitude Our family offers you the best of the season Although times are difficult this year, you should know that the Christmas spirit is always the best gift to give and Received is May your Christmas spirit overflow Tom McLachlan

Joan Marks – our beloved keyboardist for BC Old Time Fiddlers in West Kootenay We would have loved to visit you, Joan, as you spend Christmas in your new Castlewood home. We wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas season, And we shall be one or play two pieces for you! Love, hugs and cheers!

Since the senior center closed in March 2019, it’s been a whole different year for our seniors.All missed activities and socializing opportunities are something we all look forward to if the reopening is certain.Be then: Be friendly , be calm, be safe !! Happy New Year Mac Gregory, President, Castlegar Seniors

Mom – This year was tough without you.Your grandson met you only once before the pandemic, he’s almost leaving now We miss you so much I know that your condition no longer allows you to remember my face, but I want you to know that you are loved and thought about every day Until we meet again Your son Jake Kazakoff

Grandma Verna – We love you and always think of you! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dear Sam, Sonia, Sophie, Josh, Remington, Tyler, Hannah, Troja, Ossie, Jacob & Alisha

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The federal decision to phase out 19 fish farms on Discovery Island has sent showers across north Vancouver Island

Families around the world are separate, but perhaps no more than those on opposite sides of a border

Songs for Seniors hopes to virtually bring communities and their families together, no matter where

The federal decision to phase out 19 fish farms on Discovery Island has sent showers across north Vancouver Island

Merry Christmas

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