After the chaos in the US. Capitol, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump by the 25th Change

Pelosi has urged Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the amendment, and should he fail to do so, Pelosi said her caucus will go forward and try to indict the president less than two weeks before his term ends

“Yesterday, the President of the United States instigated an armed uprising against America,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday, adding that Trump committed an “inflammatory act”. “

She said she expected a quick decision from Pence at her request and admitted that her feelings are shared by others

Washington began picking up the pieces on Thursday following a violent pro-Trump siege of the nation’s Capitol Building as the day went on, calls increased to remove the seated president from his office

Pelosi’s call follows one of US. Democratic Senate chairman Chuck Schumer, who urged Pence to do the same, relied on Jan. Change and removed Trump from office

“What happened at the U? S The Capitol was yesterday an uprising against the United States instigated by the president, ”said Schumer in a statement,“ This president shouldn’t stay in office for another day ”

The 25 Amendment stipulates that the vice-president and a majority of the officers of the executive departments “or any other body such as Congress” may present a statement to Congress that the President “is unable to perform his powers and duties at that time the vice president immediately take over the powers of the incumbent president

The reports reflect growing discomfort in Washington after Wednesday’s events and Trump’s reaction – or lack, as some have stated – of the riots

Supporters of Trump – spurred on by the president’s bogus and unfounded attacks on the integrity of the elections – rose in a jaw-dropping attempt to question the results as elected officials battled under desks for safety and put on gas masks, while the police held a barricade in front of the building in vain

Many of the rioters were given entry to the historic building in Washington Photos show some of Trump’s supporters sitting in the offices of Congressmen, including Pelosis, and walking around the Senate

The scene grew more and more troubled as security agents drew guns and pictures of broken glass panes circulated

Four people died in the course of the uprising. A woman was shot in the chest by Capitol Police and taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The woman was part of a crowd who broke into the doors of a barricaded room who were armed officers on the other side, the police later said the other three died of medical emergencies suffered during the protests on the Capitol grounds

Legislators had to shelter for hours in their offices and in the chamber of the house as the chaos swelled. Staff reached for boxes of Electoral College votes as they evacuated from the floor

Sen Jeff Merkley, D-Ore, later said he believed the ballot papers were likely destroyed by the rioters

More than 150 GOP lawmakers planned to back objections to some of the results, despite the lack of evidence of electoral misconduct.Some Republican lawmakers were in the process of raising such objections when the session was abandoned over the threat of mobsters should be

Leading up to Wednesday’s trial, Trump publicly urged Pence to support his efforts and discard the outcome, which Pence eventually rejected.He also kicked off his supporters to act that morning, telling them to march to the Capitol

Eventually, at the urging of his staff, Trump released a pair of tweets and a video telling his supporters that it was time to “go home in peace” – although it was clear that he supported their cause

The electoral college vote count was completed before Thursday morning, putting one final nail in the coffin for Trump’s attempts to reverse the results. Pence, who chaired the joint session, announced the 306-232 record

In the debate, many Republicans condemned their colleagues for delaying the inevitable certification of President-elect Biden, some of whom also dropped their objections to the election

Senators attributed the protesters’ anger directly to statements by Trump and other Republicans who questioned the legitimacy of the elections

Congress has pushed its way through the night – with tensions across the country and on high alert in Washington.A curfew was imposed to contain the violence, but many Trump supporters stayed on the grounds late into the evening, even as Riot police and members of the US. The National Guard arrived

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Growing Calls, Trump Under 25 To remove constitutional amendment according to U from office S. Uprising in the Capitol

In the end, the results were clear: Biden won all states subject to Republican objections and secured enough votes for the electoral college to win the presidency. He and Vice President Kamala Harris will be elected on Jan. Inaugurated January 20

Legislators have vowed to investigate how law enforcement dealt with the violent violation of the Capitol, with the result that many have questioned whether a mob’s unwillingness to occupy and destroy the building

President-elect Biden repeated this Thursday, describing the attacks as one of the “darkest days in the country’s history” and an “attack on democracy” triggered by Trump

He said the riot was a “clear failure to do equal justice,” noting that if Black Lives Matter protesters rather than Trump supporters had been involved in the event for the sake of the Capitol, they would be from the Law enforcement agencies would have been “treated differently”

“The American people have seen it clearly and I hope it is raising awareness of what we need to do”

Police said Thursday that a total of 68 people were arrested in connection with the riot, officials said arrests of those who entered the Capitol were not made until after 6 p.m. – after a curfew had expired

Washington, DC. Police Chief Robert Contee said local authorities and the FBI are working to track down those who were photographed destroying property. Mayor Muriel Bowser called the events “textbook terrorism” and called on the country’s Joint Terrorism Task Force to investigate

A total of 56 police officers were injured in the riot, the police chief said a DC. The officer was still being hospitalized for injuries in the Capitol.

Pelosi called for the D. Resignation of the police chief, along with Trump’s impeachment

Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s chief of staff, resigned late Wednesday. Her resignation was followed by White House Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger, White House Social Secretary Rickie Niceta, and Deputy Press Secretary, according to Reuters White House, Sarah Matthews

On Thursday morning Mick Mulvaney, who previously served as Donald Trump’s chief of staff, told CNBC that he, too, would step down from his current role as Special Envoy for Northern Ireland

“I can’t do it, I can’t stay here,” he said “I wouldn’t be surprised if more of my friends stepped down over the next 24 to 48 hours. It would be perfectly understandable if they did”

US. Secretary Elaine Chao announced Thursday that she would resign after the attack on the US Capitol

Chao, who is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said the attack worried me deeply in ways that I just cannot put aside. ”

It has been the honor of your life to serve the US Ministry of Transport BildTwittercom / rFxPsBoh6t

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