Ontario accepts applications from international students who have vacancies in the province to apply for a provincial nomination

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program will take place on Jan. November Applications for the Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream against All applicants must have a current job offer and a current employer form

The stream will open sometime between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, according to the government website

A significant number of users are expected to use the system, usually the window will only open for a short time.In 2021, the OINP intends to put in place an expression of interest system to better manage the large number of applicants

When you apply you may see a high volume news page or you may be placed on the priority queue This is not a technical error and there is no need to contact the program Should a technical problem arise, the OINP will ask to contact you directly to contact ontarionominee @ ontario approx They request a screenshot with the time and date stamp of the error and details of how it occurred

As soon as the entry limit has been reached, the system will automatically shut down to prevent further registrations

The portal to register for the program will be available on the government website. You can click the Submit Application button on your desktop computer. Phones and tablets are not supported by the e-Filing system

The province also advises that you should take extra care when entering your date of birth. The correct formatting is DD / MM / YYY Once you have submitted your name and date of birth there is no way to change it

This registration window is only intended for the “Employer Offer: International Student” stream. Registrations are not accepted for the “Employer Offer: Foreign Employees” stream However, this portal can be accessed All registrations submitted during the application window will be deleted. The OINP also pointed out that this should not be confused with the Masters Graduate Stream, which is also not currently accepting applications

Your vacancy must be up to date when you apply This means that you will not be able to apply with a pending job offer or a possible return to work date The job offer is a required supporting document and must have a final and upcoming start date

After the OINP, you will need to submit the latest version of the employer form, which will not be available until December 26 at the earliest Must be completed and dated November 26, 2020 The employer form states that it must be submitted within six months of the date it was signed, but the information on it must be current if the employer form is submitted before November 26 November is dated or the vacancy is not up to date, the application will be returned as incomplete

Those who successfully register have 14 days to fill out and submit the application. This time can be used to upload an up-to-date employer form No extensions are provided

Employers should ensure that all information provided on the Employer Form is correct. Also, note that Section B of the Employer Compliance Information Form has been revised to indicate whether the employer’s company currently complies with the Ontario Employment Standards Act of 2000 and the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act

In order for your application to be approved for the Job Offer: International Student Stream, you must have received one of the following from an eligible Canadian institution:

Your year-long program must have a degree as an admission requirement to be eligible.Year-old programs are not eligible if they require a degree or diploma or degree or work experience or the like, regardless of whether you have a degree program in person completed before you were accepted into the annual program

Also, more than half of your degree must be completed while living and studying in Canada

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