The Ontario government is expanding its learner support program to include secondary students to offset the cost of education Support is being offered to those attending public, private school, or home-schooling

In January 2021, students aged 13 to 12 will be eligible for an expanded learner support program

The government says these additional funds will support families affected by the school closure during the Ontario lockdown

“While Ontario schools remain safe, we don’t take any chances after the holidays We will focus on teacher-led online learning to protect ourselves from the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, “Minister Lecce said.” We are providing direct financial support to parents of elementary school children and now high school children to help them overcome this pandemic to overcome ”

Treasury Secretary Rod Phillips said, “We have heard from parents that new spending to support their child’s education in this COVID-19 era is weighing on their paperbacks, this $ 380 million investment in families builds on the 378 million For example, a family in Ontario with three children, including one with special needs, would receive $ 1 this year this yearReceived $ 300 to cover the cost of an accessible workplace and technology that enables online learning ”

The application deadline for student support for children or young people aged 0 to 12 and for children or young people aged 0 to 21 with special needs is up to the 8th February 2021 extended

Assistance is offered to those attending public, private schools, or home-schooling

Instructions on how to apply can be found on the Support for Learners website

from January 2021

According to the website, payment by check will take several months from the date of your application

Student Support

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