Betting on sports for two decades will make up for it. It will give you things like’ Why should I care about these grown men I don’t know just because they wear a uniform that I grew up idolized about ? ”

So instead we’re putting money into these people’s success and I’m literally being invested in I’m not a fanatic, but every now and then something will happen on the field that will make me do what we all do and blurt out : “I could have done that!”

Normally I probably couldn’t have caught this pass (especially in a playoff setting where a linebacker rushes down on me) I probably wouldn’t have made the throw or caught that ground ball

That said, I promise you as someone who has played hockey as it was shorter than a snowdrift in eastern Ontario I could have converted the 2v0 break the Canucks botched at the end of a dominant first period against the Flames on Monday night

That game was the beginning of the end for the Canucks, who won in Calgary despite being 1-0, leaving the Flames 16-4 and four High-Danger Scoring Chances (HDCs) for the Flames in first Period

Everything points to a much bigger problem for the Canucks this season that wasn’t all that surprising given the underlying metrics

This could be problematic in Vancouver’s first home game of the season against the Montreal Canadiens

The parade is not in the planning stages yet, but a run through the Oilers won’t stop Habs fans from getting a little excited Especially since the Canadians’ biggest problem has been special teams, particularly a poor power play, their 5v5 metrics have been talked about a lot, and rightly so

My proprietary “Let’s Do That Hockey” model that we talk about daily on THE WINDOW: Sports Betting podcast, Montreal currently has 5% above the league average, even though only 1 in 19 HDCs are converting 5v5, according to Natural Stat Trick Canadians’ conversion rate is notoriously poor in these cases, so we can’t be that surprised, but putting 4 out of 10 on the PP helped a lot early on

With a quick rundown of the Oilers after the Toronto Maple Leafs worked overtime at the season opener, the Habs are giving the NHL analytics handicap community everything they wanted early on in a trip to Vancouver for a three-game -Set against the team that was widely viewed as the opposite feels like a dream situation given the two teams’ start to the season

As mentioned above, the Canucks are fighting offensively, facing a team from Montreal that pride themselves on being stingy in their own zone. The Habs have won in their three games against the Leafs and Oilers, both of whom are known for To create them, only 17 HDCs gave up in a 5v5 game

For comparison, the Oilers created 25 HDCs in two games against the same Canucks, followed by 11 HDCs when the Habs came to town. On the other hand, the Canucks created 11 HDCs in each of their games against the Oilers, and then only eight between their two games in Calgary

How much offensive work from 5v5 situations can we expect against the Vancouver Habs? The reason the Canucks had low expectations was a combination of trust in a goalkeeper who had left town and a power play that was in the top 5 in the league

The Canucks scored as many powerplay goals in January as they did in November and December combined

Vancouver is one of eight teams not to have scored a power play goal. None of the other seven teams have played four games so far, and the Canucks are fifth in terms of power play opportunities at 15

Getting chances is great, but not scoring is incredibly disappointing, especially when you compare that to the predictably poor 5v5 metrics that, according to my model, make them 18% below the league average

Basically, this is the matchup that the NHL Analytics handicappers have been waiting for with the same anticipation for a new generation Xbox That means everything has a price My model offers a real moneyline price of Montreal -132 / Vancouver 132 , but that’s not how sports betting works Something like Montreal -140 / Vancouver 120 would be the expectation

These handicappers will be thrilled to receive something better than the true money line prize stated above Since some places open this up on the hockey version of a pick’em, this is a jump to prize that doesn’t last long

Even if it doesn’t, -120 is worth more than enough to place a bet, especially when a rested Carey Price is used in his home province of British Columbia against a crime I may be able to contribute to

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