Check out the best games of a busy Week 16 in the NFL and any games that had a playoff impact

Sunday the 16th Week had a fair share of ups and downs, depending on who you’re playing or cheering on

While the Chiefs, Steelers and Packers have reason to celebrate as they prepare for the final weekend of the regular season, the Colts, Browns and Washington Football Team complain of missed opportunities as it all boils down to one last kick Ball

One of the many fascinating twists and turns on Sunday the 16th Week was the change in the MVP race

Sunday started with Chiefs Star Patrick Mahomes as the favorite for the annual award, but when the final whistle sounded on Sunday Night Football, Aaron Rodgers was at the top of the MVP quota

While Mahomes and the Chiefs beat the Falcons earlier in the day, their 14th deserved a reunion in the first round of the season, the reigning Super Bowl MVP had another mediocre day in focus.Mahomes only completed 55 percent of his passes, threw a wildly atypical interception on the goal line and scored his worst QB rating of the season p>
Rodgers responded on Sunday night with a performance very similar to the 37-year-old’s this season: four touchdown passes (three for Davante Adams) on the 21-of-25 pass with a rating of 1281, his 13th pass Game with a rating of over 100 this season

The two quarterbacks swapped MVP odds in the opposing games when the Packers’ 40:14 win over the Titans was final

Who knows how week 17 might affect those odds, but with 16 weeks of the 2020 season in the books, Rodgers is in the driver’s seat at the MVP race

Pittsburgh lost three 11-0 right after the start of the season, had not scored more than 17 points in a game during this period and had two of their three defeats from teams with record losses

A loss to the Colts on Sunday would have meant the Steelers’ hopes of winning the AFC North would have been seriously jeopardized in week 17 – with the Browns suddenly surging

It started very badly for Ben Roethlisberger and Company against Indianapolis, and at one point in the third quarter, Pittsburgh was lagging around the clock

Then, at the end of the third quarter and fourth, the Steelers got their groove back

Pittsburgh cut the deficit to 24-14 with just over three minutes in the third frame and never looked back By the time the clock passed the middle of the fourth quarter, the Steelers led by four points, obliterating any attempts at a Colts comeback the line from

What is most impressive about the win? The Steelers made it through the air with some really nice interim passes from Big Ben to its receivers, links that had fallen apart and scrutinized in the course of the lost skid

After the division wins, the Steelers will look to build on Sunday’s big comeback win, hoping the worst of their 2020 season is behind them and the playoffs are fast approaching

On the flip side, the big lead could be a tough pill for the Colts, who are now sitting outside looking at the playoff picture and needing a win against Jacksonville next week as well as some help getting in

Whether you’re a fan of the team or not, it was a roller coaster ride following the bears

The team has played flip-flops with quarterbacks and play-callers all season, suffered a terrible loss in six games after a 5-1 start in the middle of the season and only felt impossible three weeks ago the playoffs

But here we are – thanks to a trio of high scoring wins over the past three weeks, Chicago not only has the chance to play soccer in January, but also controls its own destiny

Right: A win against the Packers in week 17 and the 2020 Chicago Bears will take place after the season

Despite a truly remarkable turnaround, we’re still not ready to trust this Bears team. Their three straight wins have come against teams with a combined 11-34 record, and the only team to have the Bears in this one Season so far with a winning record are the Buccaneers – as early as October 8

If Chicago can get a disgruntled win over Green Bay in Week 17 – presumably as big underdogs – we may be willing to step in, but we’ll hold our final verdict on the Bears until the end of the regular season / p>

Cleveland went to AFC North as winners of four of their last five games in Week 16.But the weekend brought bad news: The Browns had no seven of their players including four wide-angle receivers due to COVID-19 protocols Playing jets

Suddenly the prospect of getting their first playoff spot since 2002 became much more difficult

Regardless of whether the loss of players was a factor or not, the Browns fought fiercely on the field against the Jets on Sunday: Cleveland ran only 45 yards (their lowest performance of the season), tripped six times, and Mayfield fumbled three times Cleveland lost two of them and the second sealed defeat

Now the Browns will have to beat the Steelers in week 17 to make the playoffs instead of winning a division title or securing a spot after the season

The 2020 NFC East is one of the worst divisions we’ve seen in some time, and Sunday’s results guaranteed it would spawn the first 500 division champions since 2014

So it only makes sense that the winner should be crowned in the final game of the regular season in a dramatic but bizarre way

The Washington Football team had a chance to secure the division title with a late Sunday win against Carolina after the Giants lost to Lamar Jackson and the Red Ravens But instead of taking the opportunity, Dwayne Haskins spun knocked the ball three times and was benched, leaving his team too big a hole against the panthers to climb out of

That defeat means that while the Cowboys haven’t had a franchise quarterback since mid-October, after a huge win over the Eagles on Sunday that eliminated Jalen Hurts, Doug Pederson and Company, they have a chance than Performing NFC-Ost-Meister 2020

Washington’s inept attempt to take the title in the top division since 2015 this weekend may not matter as they only need to beat Philadelphia in the final regular season edition of Sunday Night Football to take the title >

But if we have learned something from NFC Ost in 2020, wins are easier said than done

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