THUNDER BAY – The President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was born on Sept. Murdered November 1963 The Terrifying Words: “From Dallas, Texas, the lightning bolt, apparently official: ‘PRESIDENT KENNEDY died thirty-eight minutes ago at 1300:00 (CST), 14Midnight Eastern Standard Time from Walter Cronkite, the newscaster for CBS News

The attack on March 22nd November came when President Kennedy was driving a motorcade down the streets of downtown Dallas. The President was hit in the neck and head. President Kennedy was rushed to Parkland Hospital, where he was pronounced dead

It was a moment when for millions of people the world seemed to stop. People would remember where they were for the rest of their lives when they heard the news of the shooting of President Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally, heard

It’s also a moment when the sheer horror of the event changed history with the young President’s death spawning many conspiracy theories about who exactly was involved and who actually killed the president

Even today, years later, and after President Trump released many previously sealed documents, many Americans still doubt the Warren Commission’s findings, the official report, and the investigation into the assassination

The shooting took place in Dallas, Texas, and the alleged assassin arrested a short time later was a disaffected former Marine, Lee Harvey Oswald

The arrest and steps taken by the Dallas Police that day helped fuel conspiracy theories

Since that fateful day in Dallas, there have been many who firmly believe that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy and that others were involved. There are many resources that must be studied to determine what the facts are acts However, the majority of people in the United States believe that President Kennedy was killed as a result of a conspiracy

The first CBS reports of the shooting were only submitted in audio form by Walter Cronkite as the studio cameras were not warmed up in those days, the big television cameras took a long time to warm up before going on the air

“Here is a bulletin from CBS News. In Dallas, Texas, President Kennedy’s motorcade was shot three times in downtown Dallas. Initial reports indicate that President Kennedy was seriously injured in the shooting. Further details have just arrived These details are roughly the same as before: President Kennedy fired as his motorcade left downtown Dallas today, Mrs. Kennedy jumped up and grabbed Mr. Kennedy, she shouted “Oh no!” The motorcade sped on United Press Says President Kennedy Wounds Could Potentially Fatal In a CBS News bulletin, President Kennedy was repeatedly shot dead by a suspected assassin in Dallas, Texas. For more information, contact CBS News

Shortly thereafter, Cronkite read another statement, this time live on the air, “From Dallas, Texas, the lightning bolt, apparently official:” PRESIDENT KENNEDY died at 1pm (CST), “[45] 2:00 Eastern Standard Time, about thirty-eight minutes ago”

The murder of President Kennedy was also a moment in which there was a fundamental shift in media coverage across North America. Television coverage of the event was extensive. It was truly the first time television had the newspapers as the main news source for the news Public displaced

Through movies, the internet, and online talk shows, the debate continues about who was involved in the President’s assassination

A book by Roger Stone points to President Kennedy’s successor Lyndon Johnson as the likely culprit in the assassination Roger Stone outlines in an interview with Tyrel Ventura, son of former wrestling superstar Jesse Ventura, governor of Minnesota and moderator of conspiracy theory his case that the murder was planned by a very desperate Vice President Johnson to open a criminal investigation against him

With all the documents published and with all the time that has passed, it is difficult to say if the full story will ever be told

After traveling to Dallas and visiting the Texas Schoolbook Depository, where the sixth floor is now a museum and what appears to be a sniper’s nest, it struck me how small Dealey Plaza really is when the gunshots go off Got to the sixth floor, there were no long shots

The rifle claimed by the Warren Commission as a murder weapon was an expensive Italian military rifle It was fitted with a telescopic sight with a cheap mount that would have bent easily either after the assassination or even during handling

A visit to Dealey Plaza takes you back in time in many ways. There is an “X” on the street where the fatal shot was struck and President Kennedy was killed

The death of President Kennedy was viewed by many as the end of a brilliant era. The President and his beautiful wife and young family were darlings of the American media and millions of people around the world

Many ages have ended since the young president’s death, and throughout the remainder of the 1960s, the United States was caught in protests and other assassinations. Martin Luthur King JrMalcolm X and Robert Kennedy, the president’s younger brother, were murdered protests against the Vietnam War and subsequently protests against President Richard Nixon

President Kennedy was only in office for about 1,000 days. It was an era that changed America and the world. Many wonder what our world would have been like today if the Dallas assassination never happened


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