NCIS is about to lose one of its leading characters when Maria Bello leaves Jack Sloane after four years and more than 70 episodes, although the announcement that Bello would be leaving was announced a few months ago, was the episode from 9 The February CBS trial the first to pinpoint exactly how Sloane will go, it also hinted at what this will do for Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon), with whom she has always had some kind of will-her-not-her relationship

Although NCIS season 18, episode 7 (titled “The First Day”) focused primarily on Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen) and the loss of his wife Breena to COVID-19, Sloane’s departure was also very planned soon to CBS

Subsequently, Gibbs found out that Sloane was packing her office, the forensic psychologist then told him, “I think it’s time to slow my life down a bit, maybe going to Costa Rica would be easy” What exactly Gibbs about his sparring partner who has become a confidante and is leaving the NCIS team feels but has not been disclosed

However, fans will find out very soon how Sloane’s exit will play out and how Gibbs will deal with it. When Bello announced that she was leaving the show, it was confirmed that the actor would sign up for eight episodes of August 18 Since she has appeared in all seven episodes of the series so far, this presumably means that episode 8, which was released on Jan. Her final episode in the series will be airing March 2021,

The CBS official synopsis certainly suggests that the upcoming episode titled “True Believer” will be aimed at Sloane. This line says, “As Sloane’s name in Afghanistan on the site of an abandoned bus with a dead driver is discovered, Gibbs accompanies her on a journey to find a group of girls who have been kidnapped from the bus.In addition, McGee (Sean Murray), Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) find a hacker who is sending compromising information Email to the Taliban has sent “

In a TVLine interview, NCIS co-showrunner Frank Cardea said, “When we want to figure out how to leave a character, we always ask, ‘What does this character deserve?’ And the character of Sloane is a very strong character and a passionate character so we’re really going to get her to do something that deserves this “

The same interview also teased that the Gibbs-Sloane flirt is about to graduate. He said the final episode will deal with “constant amazement at what is going on between her and Gibbs”

Bello’s exit from NCIS was confirmed in November 2020 when actor A History of Violence’s three-year contract for the show expired and was not renewed, but she agreed to play eight episodes of Sept. Rotate the season of NCIS to give your character a decent exit

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