DeMar DeRozan of San Antonio Spurs controls the ball during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Houston Rockets (Carmen Mandato / pool photo via AP)

No league conducts transactions like the NBA, with superstar players switching teams faster than ever before

Just three days before the close of trading on Jan. By March, we should expect another wave of impact as buyers try to prepare for a championship run and sellers start looking to the future

Below we’ve identified 10 high profile players who could be moved before the deadline.This list excludes Bradley Beal, Kristaps Porzingis, Nikola Vucevic and Kyle Lowry, all of whom have compelling reasons to get shopped but whose teams are rumored to be in having thrown rumors over to varying degrees with cold water

The young stars John Collins and Zach LaVine were unable to renew their contracts with the Atlanta Hawks, respectively Chicago Bulls reach out, but these franchises have expressed intent to keep their services, which is why you won’t find the names below


Oladipo has already been traded once this season and another step could well be in sight. The two-time all-star is a differentiator on both ends of the floor and would immediately bolster the title hopes of an acquiring franchisee

The Houston Rockets are on a 20-game losing streak and are waving the white flag this season, according to reports, Oladipo turned down a two-year extension offer from the Rockets in February and is a free agent at the end of that season, making the coveted return in the James Harden trade so it would be a disaster to let it go for free

The Latest: Rival executives expect Oladipo to be the biggest name to be postponed on the deadline

Outside Houston, the Toronto Raptors hold the league’s longest active losing streak after eight games and counts As the Raptors tumble the Eastern Conference rankings, Powell’s name emerges in rumors of the 27-year-old enjoying a career season averaging 196 Points per game at nearly 50 percent shooting, including a 44 percent mark from the three-point range

Any team aiming for a flap would benefit from adding Powell to their starting grid or bench and his $ 11 million with a cap hit of 6 million expiring, it will be vastly easier for him to put a package together than someone with similar ones Stats Earning More than $ 20 Million It’s unclear whether the Raptors will sell or hold on as of the deadline, but Powell’s worth has never been higher

Latest news: Powell could be a “surprise name” that could help a competitor with a late deal this week “

The San Antonio Spurs parted ways with LaMarcus Aldridge earlier this spring and he’s not the only veteran who could move through Thursday.While the Spurs are not actively involved in trade talks with DeRozan, that could change if the two of them Pages cannot work out a deadline extension, according to Yahoo Sports insider Chris Haynes

DeRozan is shooting as usual this season, but he’s also turned into an intermediary with the Spurs, awarding a career best of 7.5 assists per game.He is in the final year of his contract so San Antonio could try to treat him if they fail to reach an agreement to keep him beyond this season, making the decision more difficult as DeRozan is key to Spurs’ playoff hopes with seventh place on the grid

Ball hasn’t quite lived up to the hype since finishing second overall in 2017, but he’s enjoying a productive season with the New Orleans Pelicans in 2020-21 with the UCLA product scoring the top 14 of its career, 2 points per game along with 56 assists He’s also improved his three-point strike every year and is up to 38 percent strong5 percent this season. He’s a die-hard defender and has room for improvement at just 23 years old

Even so, the Pelicans haven’t lived up to expectations and their cap for the year appears to be a playground.They are committed to Brandon Ingram through 2024-25 and Zion Williamson is poised to be the face of the Ball Hits franchise for years to come A free hand this summer and raising the money needed to keep it may not have been the right move for the Pelicans, especially given their ongoing struggles

Last week, rival executives expected the Orlando Magic to set the tone for this year’s deadline, and it still very much does. While Vucevic appears untouchable for the time being, Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier and Terrence Ross remain involved in the rumor mill

Gordon creates the greatest enthusiasm At least five teams reportedly interested, at just 25 years old, he’s had one of the best seasons of his career, borne by a vastly improved 40 percent clip of Beyond the Arch.Fournier is a seasoned winger in an expiring business, best known as a spark plug from The Bank Can Be Used For A Competitor If an acquiring team is looking for more than just a rental, Ross is already familiar with this type of six-man role and will be signed up for a reasonable price by 2022-23

After a miserable start to the season in which he infamously failed to take a three-point shot, Oubre turned things around and his numbers are now serious again.The Golden State Warriors acquired him after losing Klay Thompson for the season, could him and his but send expiring contract to another location At just 25 years old, Oubre’s youth and ability could be tempting for a team with space this summer

Golden State has been aggressive for the past few weeks as it seeks to position itself in the best possible way for the present and the future.They can never rule out the Warriors as contenders while Steph Curry is healthy but every step they take should also be done with an eye to the next season, with Thompson likely to return to the ground. Clever moves on this year’s deadline could go a long way in retooling the Warriors for another title run

Dinwiddie made just three games this season before undergoing ACL surgery.His health makes him a major question mark, but the security guard’s formidable 2019-20 campaign could be enticing enough for teams to get him off Getting Brooklyn out

He has $ 12 million player option for 2021-22 but is likely to turn down with Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Kevin Durant, all of whom have lucrative multi-year deals, the nets will almost certainly be out of the season in the off-season Dinwiddie Market Priced Out If a team traded for him, they could use their bird rights to offer him a deal for up to five years
You’d be hard pressed to find a more reliable sniper across the league than Redick, and his career 415 percent from downtown The 36-year-old had an off-season for the pelicans but is definitely a name to get into Coming days should see competitors can never have enough three-point shooting and Redick does a lot for an offense as he can move around screens and chase his shots

He has an expiring contract and the Pelicans are not a competitor this year So it makes sense to deal with it. The biggest question seems to be whether another team is signing up for a trade or taking the risk of waiting for a possible buyout to salvage an asset

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NBA Closing Of Trade

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