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“Together as we work on this latest setback for our province in the fight against COVID-19, I want to thank the many health and public safety staff who are reacting quickly to take control of the situation,” said Premier Blaine Higgs on Sunday in a statement “While they have done an excellent job, we must all do our part to stand up for our beautiful province by following public health guidelines to bring us all back to the yellow level”

New Brunswick reports six new cases of COVID-19, bringing the number of active cases to 77.In addition, the province warns of three possible school stresses

On Sunday, the province announced the new cases, including five cases in Zone 2 and one case in Zone 3

So far, 430 cases have been confirmed in New Brunswick and 347 have recovered. There have been six deaths and the number of active cases is 77 with one hospital case – 116247 tests were performed

“As a province, we need renewed commitment to slow the spread of COVID-19 and we need it now,” said New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr Jennifer Russell on Sunday in a statement “We need everyone in every corner of the province to reduce their close contacts to the lowest possible number and to adhere to public health measures”

“Together we are working on this latest setback for our province in the fight against COVID-19. I would like to thank the many health and public safety staff who are reacting quickly to take control of the situation,” Premier Blaine Higgs said on Sunday in a statement, “While they have done an excellent job, we must all do our part to stand up for our beautiful province by following public health guidelines to bring us all back to the yellow level”

On Saturday, families of students and staff at Hampton Middle School in Hampton and Simonds High School in Saint John were notified of a positive case in each school. In addition, families of students and staff at Harbor View High School in Saint John were informed of possible exposure informed about a COVID-19 case

Residents who have been in close contact with the case or have family members who have been in close contact with the case will be notified by Public Health for contact tracing If residents do not hear directly from Public Health, they have not been identified as a close contact

The province recently announced that residents can do an online self-assessment if they have mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19

Zone 1 (Moncton Region) and Zone 2 (Saint John Region) Remain Under the Provincial COVID-19 Recovery Plan at Orange Level Orange Level Rules Are Available Online Residents are reminded that the rules for Orange are to abide by yours Keeping the only budget bubble, keeping a distance of two meters and wearing a mask in public indoor and outdoor areas

All other zones in New Brunswick will remain at the yellow level. During this time, public health measures and guidelines must continue to be followed

Based on recent reports from Public Health in Nova Scotia that COVID-19 is being transmitted to the community in Halifax, New Brunswick Public Health is soliciting anyone traveling to New Brunswick from the Halifax area, including New Brunswickers visiting Halifax and home return after Take Extra Precautions

People who have recently traveled to the Halifax area are required to act as if they have been to any of the orange zones of New Brunswick, even if they live in a yellow zone, which means wearing a mask indoors and outdoors in public to wear, restrict close contacts to a one-household bubble, and avoid areas where a vulnerable population lives

Two zones in New Brunswick – Zone 1 (Moncton Region) and Zone 2 (Saint John Region) – are currently on the Orange level.Please limit your non-essential travel in and out of Orange Zones as well as Halifax if you travel for essential reasons , monitor symptoms yourself and follow the guidelines for orange value when returning to a yellow zone

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 is asked to immediately self-isolate and get tested for the virus

Public Health reported an outbreak at Shannex Tucker Hall, a nursing home in Saint John, on Friday and is asking visitors to the Parkland Shannex campus between Jan. and 20 November 2020 to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms. All close contacts of confirmed cases are or have been contacted by Public Health

All tests from the Parkland Shannex Campus were conducted by Dr Georges L Dumont Microbiology Lab At this point there were a total of four confirmed cases at this facility

The contact tracing conducted by Public Health in the most recent positive cases identified the following possible exposures in these areas in Zone 2 on Jan. November 2020 determined:

The public health follows a standard process in dealing with cases where the public may have been exposed to a case of COVID-19, and in cases where records can identify people who may have been exposed, officials contact those people directly and do not issue a separate announcement In cases where officials cannot know exactly who has been exposed to the virus in a particular location, Public Health is issuing a public announcement to warn and give instructions to those affected

Controlled venues offering seating for dining, drinking, socializing, partying, ceremonies, or entertainment are required to record the names and contact information and time of everyone present

Venues have been instructed to keep information in a safe place and out of the public eye for more information see the collection of names and contact information under the compulsory order COVID-19 There is also a form that companies can print out to support them

Police officers, as well as peace officers and public health inspectors at the Department of Justice and Public Security, and inspectors at WorkSafe New Brunswick are stationed across the province to ensure that the rules are being followed. They have been actively visiting businesses and public spaces across the province. who refuse to comply with the provisions of the mandatory appointment will be charged

The New Brunswick online dashboard provides information about vehicle traffic attempting to reach the New Brunswick border

On Saturday 1274 private and 737 commercial vehicles to cross the border into the province

Of the vehicles that attempted to cross the border, 38 were denied entry, giving a refusal rate of 1.9 percent

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