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FREDERICTON – New Brunswick introduces a series of tougher restrictions on public and family gatherings after 27 new COVID-19 cases were reported This is the highest number of days in the province since the beginning of the pandemic

Dr Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer for health, said Tuesday the common thread of the recent outbreak was citizens attending holiday gatherings and then getting back to work with the virus

The health officer said she feared the double-digit infection rate could continue when the aftermath of the New Year’s gatherings surfaced

Prime Minister Blaine Higgs said during Tuesday’s briefing that citizens need to cut back on social gatherings, be honest with public health officials, and quickly look for tests to detect even mild symptoms

Both Higgs and Russell warned that if residents fail to comply with the latest restrictions, including avoiding unnecessary travel, the provincial health system will quickly become overwhelmed

There were 89 people with COVID-19 in the province on Tuesday, a doubling of cases in six days

“There is a risk that our health system is facing hundreds of new cases every day,” said Higgs. “We need to act quickly and decisively to make sure this doesn’t happen,”

The Prime Minister criticized people who went to work or social gatherings despite symptoms of illness

“People who are symptomatic have worked. For example, one person exposed up to 150 others,” he said

“Some (persons) have lied to contact tracers, slowing and reducing the effectiveness of contact tracing, and putting others at risk”

The progressive conservative leader also criticized the liberal federal government’s introduction of vaccines, saying his province was keen to get more doses

“We are urging the federal government to make more COVID-19 vaccines available to our province, we are ready to receive these vaccines and ready to give them as soon as they arrive,” he said

The Prime Minister said that at current levels, the province won’t be able to vaccinate the majority of its population until the summer, adding that he believes health officials could achieve the same result in 10 weeks if supplies became available. p>

Starting Tuesday midnight, the entire province should switch to the so-called “orange” response to the pandemic, Russell told reporters during the afternoon briefing

These requirements include limiting family gatherings to a single budget bubble, with the exception of carers and family members who support other relatives, such as family members B. Parents who depend on visits from their adult child

Only essential travel is recommended within the province However, people can still travel to work, school, important errands, and medical appointments

Masks are mandatory in indoor and outdoor public spaces if a physical distance of two meters cannot be maintained

Faith meetings offer personal services that are limited to 50 participants or less, depending on the size of the facility Wearing masks and physical distancing are required, and no singing is allowed

Russell noted the disease is now present in all regions of the province, including nursing homes in Saint John and Moncton

She said the Moderna vaccine will be rolled out in 20 long-term care facilities in the province, starting with April 2905 doses administered and the expectation that another 4500 vaccinations will take place, including 1800 second cans

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World news – CA – NB. brings new controls after a record 27 new COVID-19 cases in one day