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The Monster Hunter reviews are in – and they’re not overly positive.The movie stars Milla Jovovich as Artemis, Tony Jaa as Hunter, Ron Perlman as Admiral and Tme as a link and is directed by Paul WS Anderson Anderson and Jovovich previously teamed up for the cinematic adaptations of Resident Evil

After the reviews of Monster Hunter finally hit the internet ahead of the movie’s release in American theaters this week, we’ve rounded up the critical responses – they’re pretty much our own rating will be in shortly

“We may be on the road towards the end of December, but it seems 2020 isn’t over with us: Under the wire, one of the worst action films of recent times and another addition to the video game will be delivered to the Hall of Shame for the film adaptation … here comes the latest defenestration of the movie game, writer / director Paul WS. Anderson’s Monster Hunter, to remind us how rare good video game films are ”

“As a filmmaker, Anderson has a take-it-or-leave style that confuses many, but is enjoyable enough to sustain a filmmaking career with hypervisual effects that play like full-length trailers: Event Horizon, Alien vs. Predator, Pompeii, and the four Resident Evil films mentioned above, Monster Hunter, is no different in that it moves in a steady clip, dispensing with all but the rudimentary character details in order to maximize what fans love – namely eye-catching compositions and slaughter ”

From this point on, Monster Hunter is relentlessly awful, even by 2020 standards, as it quickly becomes a boring and bland piece of bug-hunting that combines the production value of a SyFy original with the scale of a tutorial that leads one of the shabbiest and least imaginative video game films ever made Series fans will feel betrayed by such a chintzy and indecent outlook on something they love, while the rest of us will wonder how the source material even earned fans ”

“More of an expensive VFX demo reel than a story, the newest Paul WS. Anderson’s film hopes to turn another video game, Capcom’s Monster Hunter, into a cash-making movie franchise, in collaboration with Ms. Milla Jovovich, the star of his hugely successful Resident Evil series (also based on a Capcom franchise), the author recognizes and director implied his lack of interest in dialogue by introducing a co-star, Tony Jaa, whose character speaks No English.A few amused chemical flashes between the two actors represent the human interest in this uninspired science fiction actioner, but that means not that the relentless focus of the picture on giant monster battles will not please the fans of the director ”

“It sells as a film about Milla Jovovich battling CGI monsters, and it is, in fact, a film about Milla Jovovich battling CGI monsters – nothing more and nothing less like Jovovich’s earlier collaboration with her husband, the director Paul WS. Anderson, in the Resident Evil films, Monster Hunter is based on a video game franchise.It definitely feels like an old-fashioned video game: plot doesn’t matter, there isn’t a lot of character development, but there is a lot of fighting against an endless swarm of enemies ”

“Monster Hunter ultimately flirts with being an absolutely good movie while only managing to miss the mark. It won’t change the heart or mind, but seeing a military convoy trying to take on Diablos and others is just as exciting as it sounds it just lacks the attention to detail that Pacific Rim, for example, has for its world and characters.At the end of the film, I didn’t really understand why I should care about someone who was still alive except that he stayed on screenMonster Hunter is the energy drink of movies; a quick energy shock followed by a “


Monster Hunter will be released on Jan. Released in the US December 2020 While you wait, read our guide to all of the 2020 and 2021 movie release dates

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Monster Hunter

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